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Weirding Wood - 1st Mile

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Author Comments

Weirding Wood is an action based game where you'll have to survive the night against 10 waves of dark denizens of the accursed wood.

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worth playing

The only thing I thought that could be changed a little, is the click to continue, I clicked it, and then it click the continue button on the next screen. Sure you dont need to click the area where it says click to continue, but if ya do, then it clicked the next one.
Maybe put click anywhere to continue, and or move the text a little.
Like I said game is worth playing.

LostMystic responds:

I will have to move the click to continue button. It's fixed for 2nd mile. Thanks for commenting!

not bad but bot very original

it could be so much more than just this...u only get 2 types of creatures until the middle levels, there are only upgrades to your stats that get priced way to high to make any use of later ingame, things spawn under you and you get stuck, and theres no story on why the hell you decided to just hang out in a cursed forest...

LostMystic responds:

All good points. The story will develop in further installments. I will expand the number of creatures, but prioritize the quality of existing ones. Fixing the spawning system indeed is big on my to do list.

A good start

I had some fun with this, but as others have said, it needs more variety. Different types of enemies, effects that cause damage over time (poison, etc), and maybe some different kinds of weapons to pick from, would improve the game a lot. Descriptions of the different kinds of enemies would also be nice, like a kind of bestiary. You've got a good, solid platform here, I'm excited to see where you go with it in the future.

LostMystic responds:

Thanks for the great feedback!

This isn't specifically for you, but I should mention it's ok to remind me for features even if you've already mentioned them but a new version comes out and it's not in it. I have a huge list of features to go in, and it just becomes a battle of priority. The more something is mentioned the more it gets bumped up!

More variety will certainly be added. I've added a bestiary to the list, and already have notes for poison. More weapons are a definite possibility.

If you've had fun, thats great! It just make me want to build something even better the next time around. :-)

Good game that needs improvement.

This game is good beacuse it has an upgrading and unlocking system but it lacks in the variety of enemies and weapons and the enemies are a little too artificial,in the last level,the enemies(giants) are killed easily by moving the character behind rocks and stabbing and slashing them from there.Try making them a little more difficult by making them smarter,move slower and hvae more health.

LostMystic responds:

This is the first time I've had to do pathfinding, and collision from absolute scratch. Resolving things getting stuck on things is a #1 priority. (Especially the big guys at the end)

AI improvements will come with time too. Pathfinding just has to come first.

laptop un-friendly.

this game is not very easily played on a laptop.

LostMystic responds:

Is it because of the control scheme with mouse movement? Or something else. I'll try to keep it in mind for the next version.