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Super Happy Fun Time 33

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Our hero might solve a mystery or rewrite history.

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It was decent

Now there was not much to this one but it was pretty interesting with your design and all, kinda neat and unique, So while the animation itself was not all that great but you had a nice design in here as mentioned, you could spice things up abit more though maybe improved backrounds of some sort, maybe some deeper depth of color and designs aswell, just an idea though on something to improve, Now dont get me wrong this was kinda interestings just needed something more though, more stuff going on and such, but for the most of it i did enjoy what you did present us, 5 mb was starting to get long but was not that bad in this case, so anyways nice job all around, i look forward to seeing more from you.

So there could be some small improvments, start with the backround design, maybe some more animation, and last but ot least could be cut down in size just a tad.


an amazing turn of events! we now KNOW who links to that insulin pump!
i always thought it would be ANOTHER insulin pump, powering the other for etermity, or perhaps the narrator.

but really, two fun facts:

1. when i was watching this (a few secs ago), i saw the ''no signal'' sign on insulin-pump, flashing, and i was thinking, that the movie was a loop (i saw it without sound, because i was working) and i said ''i shouid click >play>forward,'' and THEN... the movie continued playing. witout me even clicking it.

2. i was hoping i would see donald duck in this movie, but i got the next best thing after unca-scrooge:
LAUNCH-PADDD! who looks like brendan frazer. and was launch pad fat in this one? i only wonder.

anyhow, i demand in your next movie, since you're on a roll (hahahahaha) and you are on a movie-spee (hahahahahahaha) I DEMAND:

insulin-pump jr. the kid deserves his spot in fame. i grew up watching him study for harvard, and i baby-sit-ted him for 2 YEARS.TWO-YEARS, while you was busy at work, and doing movies and concerts for your 85 million fans!

oh, man, how much has he grown! i remember telling him stories, and talking with you, while he was watching the telly (tv).such a good young, upstanding man!

yep, he should be in more movies.
and you, keep up the good work!

PS. will you add my voice i n future submissions, if i ask you?

InsulinpumpClock responds:

Of course Launchpad is fat in this! I cannot stress enough his fatness! And Brendan Frasier? "Woah! Heh heh."

Harvard? I guess Insulinpump Jr. is going to need more then just a partial scholarship.

Also Insulin is not always attached to someone else. That would be gross. This is a special and creepy event. I used to think the tubing was attached to himself most of the time which is really weird.

How strange

I don't even know if I've ever reviewed something from you, InsulinpumpClock. I have to say that you have one of the most unique clock designs I've ever seen! You really seem to be going beyond the norm with this. That being said, it really wasn't that great, but it still had some good twists for what it was worth. My favorite bit was probably seeing your design, as previously mentioned. It's amazing you have worked on over 32 of these entries!

I would have to say I prefer your Pube Muppet submissions more. It's still nice to experiment. I remember that fat guy from "DuckTales". Jokes about fat people becoming diabetics are actually rather funny to me. Call me crude, but you see so many people acting like morons with the food, you realize they have to be careful with it.

InsulinpumpClock responds:

Your icon looks familiar. You probably have reviewed one of my movies before.

Sigh. Ok this is going to take a while to explain.

I am Insulinpump. I am also Dekathos. I co authored myself so all my movies would show up in one account and Dekathos gets more attention ( i assume because it's older and has more movies).

I can't post on the frontpage with Insulin either.

So if you reviewed anything authored by Dekathos you reviewed my movies.

Sasucule is my brother. If he does voices or writing or anything he gets coauthored. He actually drew Doofus years ago which is the "fat guy" when I made Ducktales stuff. He voiced Doofus. I voiced Launchpad.

I have not actually worked on 32 of these. I made 5 and worked with sherclock on #16. Sherclock started it and he has made the most. Romancollar has made 3. We coauthor Sherclock. So all of these will be in his account.

Even chris the stick2 has made one! I wouldn't want people to think that I am the only one. Anyone can make one if they want. Obviously I would love that.

I agree the design is weird and I think it's hilarious. I love the character's dead pan expression. Sherclock designed it like that for this particular series.

My original design when I made clock movies was a little more conservative. I actually left the clock crew. But I guess it's hard to tell huh? I really don't want these to be associated with clock crew, at least the ones I make, but it's a bit impossible to escape that because of it's origins. Like I said to someone else, hey Insulin doesn't have a clock in these so does it really count?

I just want to make some stuff once in a while that are easy and don't drive me nuts. Did you know my pube muppet flash actually took more effort? Well I'll never make another one of those again ever. I'm glad you appreciated them though. I think they were very tongue in cheek. Thanks for leaving a considerate review and taking me on a trip down memory lane. I don't think I've left a response this lengthy in a long time.

Oh and yeah and I do like to poke fun at obesity. I am a diabetic but I am girlishly skinny. So do I still get "joke Immunity"?


It's very rare when IPC is used to deliver insulin. It was quite refreshing to see this accomplished, as was it to see Launchpag McQuack. He may be a bitch with no balls who won't take the stairs, but we still love him the same.

InsulinpumpClock responds:

HahhA . Yeah I though it might be gross to show it. My brother wanted me to animate Insulin pulling the tubing out. That's even worse. Plus I'm too lazy to animate that. I guess there's a little Launchpad in all of us!


too short and not funny but i did like the animation :/