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Fill the world with color!
Buy new hats!
Help animals to unlock secret hats!
Collect all 10 of the Golden Udders to unlock a special secret cow power!
Unlock Achievements!


Bug on second level

If you trigger a checkpoint on the second level and then respawn, the controls don't work. When this is fixed to game should be a lot of fun.

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Great art, lacking game-play

An interesting little physics-platformer. The art is wonderful, but the controls are a little funky. Holding jump automatically makes you double-jump, which is sometimes not desirable. The frame rate seems to be all over the place for me, as well. Overall, an interesting time-waster, but I doubt I'll play it through.


Nice looking game. Cute graphics. The music also seems to fit eventhough it has an asian theme to it. The game idea is pretty fun and there is much to play. But I had to stop playing after the 'monkey help' level.

There is just soooo many collision detection problems. The boxes often are flying in the air. In the last level I played, the small box was at a slight angle and I couldn't push it, I then pushed it back and it went straight and was floating in the air, then I thought I could push it normally but it went at bad angle again so I couldn't reach that one area because of it. The cow is getting stuck to corners, the jumping is buggy near walls and the cow gets inside the ground all the time.

Really a shame that a good looking fun game is ruined by million collision problems. I'll re-review if you fix the problems and resubmit, but as of now I can't give the good score is deserves.

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3.48 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2011
1:36 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle