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Play Snooker Tournaments against fast thinking and intelligent computer players.

What is snooker? Snooker is the ultimate cue sport challenge, played millions around the world, particularly in the UK, the common wealth nations and China. Snooker tables are 3 to 4 times the size of pool tables with smaller pockets(!) so require great skill to master! Luckily, the game is a little easier than real snooker.

See here for an example of professional snooker the greatest snooker 147 ever made by Ronnie O'Sullivan:
http://pubsnooker.com/med ia/videos/snooker-classic /the-fastest-ever-147-by-
ronnie-the-rocket-osulliv an

This game includes 6 cups, and several challenges and time attacks. As well as 50+ trophies for your achievements and leaderboards, including for you your best breaks.

3-Reds Snooker:
We've created a new type of snooker called 3-Reds Snooker where there is only ever 3-reds on the table at any time. After you pot a red another is random placed on the table before you play for a colour. When there are no more random reds to add, you play on as normal and pot the yellow to black.

If you don't know the rules of snooker, you can check them in the game. But basically your aim is to out score your opponent by making breaks, e.g. potting: RED-BLACK-RED-PINK-etc...

THE COLOURS: Yellow (2pts), Green (3pts), Brown (4pts), Blue (5pts), Pink (6pts) & Black (7pts)
The colours are the group of balls that aren't the reds nor the white. After potting a red (1pt) you have to play for a colour, the black is the highest scoring colour, so is the best colour to pot. After potting a colour, you then pot a red again and so on... Once all of the reds are potted (and the final colour), you then pot the colours in order Yellow to Black.

When you're on a colour, you must nominate it by clicking on it so the cursor changes to the matching colour, or clicking the colours that appear on the left, or by pressing the points value of the colour (2-7 keys).

Aim with the mouse.
HOLD DOWN the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and move DOWNWARDS to set the POWER. Use the scale that appears on the left to judge the strength.
Every shot uses the same action so it's really easy play.

Add spin to the white with the ARROWS or WASD keys, or by clicking on the big white ball in the top center.

Once a shot has been taken you can press Z to ZIP the animation to the end more quickly - very useful when the computer is playing!

For the hardest challenge, try the "Beat the Magician" challenge, he's capable of playing safety and positional shots, and if you're very unlucky he might make a big break or two against you - This challenge is only for the best players!

This is probably the best flash snooker game around - Enjoy!

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Like it, but...

This game is great, with a lot of features, except where it really matters, from my point of view. The game itself has a nice varied play style, with various players graded according to their skill levels. I think the learning curve of the players abilities was set a little high, as by the end of the first tournaments, you've gone from blind players with Parkinson's to some of the world's top 32. People play in pubs and clubs that aren't that good, so why have them shut out of the tournaments by "world class" AI?

When you come to take shots, there are some shots that I wouldn't have attempted in the hall myself, had I been able to get down and look at it from a normal player's point of view. Perhaps the "cue view" is what you need, to allow the player a sighter, in order that you don't try for a speculative red and flick the green in passing, which from above looked possible, but from table level looks so bad, that you really need your eyes testing, had you decided to take it on.

The physics of the table seems screwed up - so many times, I find myself going in off, without there being a natural angle from contact to the pocket. The cushions seem as hard as a pool table's, which is mechanically wrong, taking some of the skill out of the game, because it loses the feel of playing actual snooker.

Maybe there needs to be a few tutorials in the game, such as how to use side, screw and top-spin, to benefit you during the game. I think that this game is one of the best out there, but it really needs to tweak a little to get the most out of it.

Oh and I'd love to see medals in this game, just like in your Pool simulators, as I'm addicted to this one as well.

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i love it.

I've honestly never heard of snooker before. And It looked confusing upon first looking at it. But after playing a frame of it, I love it. I'm certainly adding this game to my favorites. This is definitely one game I'll keep coming back to play when I'm bored.


Very good snooker game. Only thing that could be improved is that the resolution could be higher so I can see the angles better cuz sometimes I mess up dead-easy shots because of not having enough precision to see the angle.

NipponMonkey responds:

Thanks for the good review. Yeah, it's difficult to get the precision right, but you can see that once you master it, it's not too hard. If you click on the Recent Best Breaks button, you'll see breaks (points without missing) around the 100 mark and more.

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Nov 28, 2011
1:02 PM EST
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