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Arcuz 2

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After long time waiting, our little hero is back! This time he ventures into the dungeon below Arcuz to save the world! This is an epic 'diablo-style' flash game. Explore the dungeon, complete dangerous quests, battle gigantic boss monsters, and discover ancient treasures!

Time to begin your new adventure!

Mochigames account is needed for saving the game, as we have to find a way to have a online data saving function and Mochi is the most easy and stable way we found.

And Mochi micro-transaction system is for those who hate grading, search equipment or making money in game. You can enjoy the game without using it. But if you consume in game you are kind of donating us and supporting our continuous game developing on the flash platform.

And please kindly not giving an unfair score to the game because it has Mochi systems. They are needed for saving the game online and improving fun.

Thanks very much again for enjoying the game! We will keep making great games! :)

(You can set your own key mappings in the game options)
WASD/Arrow Keys: Move
J: Attack
K: Jump
U/I/O/L: Spell skills
1/2/3: Use potions/town portals
C: Characters
V: Skills
B: Inventory
N: Quest
M: Map


Something is wrong...

I died while i have the gae in pause, besides that exelent game


best rpg flash game bro
controls 7/10
buttons are uncomfortable

graphics 9/10
snes style ftw

story -/10
i havent beat the game yet

the new features are really good
-COMBO SETS are the best
-npc co-op system
-village healer
-dual weilding
-hidden power

tl;dr i love this shit man

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good level of enterainment and frustration.

Since I'm still a little skeptical of mochigames, I tried playing it until the browser finally crashed during a break from getting my butt kicked against Beholder again and again at dungeon level 17 :3.

Gameplay - 8/10

Honestly, I never heard and/or played of Diablo 3 or anything below...so at first I though Arcuz and Arcuz 2 was quite unique.

The choice of skills are interesting, however there was times that I wish I could just reset the skills since some skills really doesn't fit my desire. Personally I seem to favor the master of defense + defelction skill as it seems to be the most effective against bosses. (Perfect blocking appears to be the only way for me to defeat them) :(

The Combination progress is interesting, but can be irritating. Even if I have a good item...like if I had an item with Level 2 item drop, level 4 plus attack bonus, and level 3 fire, one failed combination will erase all of the effects making it an normal item once again. (though it still a yellow item.)

There are a few bugs that irritated me, but its not that important. One is that the chest rarely scroll the the far side of the area or scroll until it get stuck behind the walls where its unreachable. (same goes for enemies)

The other is that when I accidentally hit the premium shop button and the premium window remains stuck blocking my view. I was only able to get rid of it by entering the boss arena and leaving.

Difficulty - 9/10

At first it would seem easy, but as the quest goes deeper, more elite and champion type monsters who has armor on them (which remind me of the spell card/break effect on touhou). The boss types monster are very, VERY hard to say the least. It was a B**** to defeat Minotaur and I pretty sure I don't have the right skill set to challenge Beholder. (more so to even take him down to 70% in 10 minutes)

I literally had to increase my attack rating to quickly kill the Dual Headed giant since it appears that his rage mode makes it impossible to beat. (speed up plus ghost that act like bats makes it impossible to attack and to retreat...at any time)

Sometimes I would think that you're just plain evil to make the Dual headed giant and the skeleton king boss randomly appear on any floor. It makes the level grinding process very difficult. ESPECIALLY THE SKELETON KING....though I had to admit that his unique boss music is good.

Still, I wasted a good 27 hours playing this game, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm looking forward to the next in the arcuz series...

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I would sign up to mochigames...

You know, just to play AND save.
BUT the register button is non-existent!!
Not even there!!
That however is my only complaint, for the actual game reminds me of another I used to play when I was younger. Nostalgia is good.

Make a button please!

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can't save properly, can't move on?

I got to dungeon level 7, where I supposedly use an item to open the gate to the boss, but I either can't seem to open it or it won't let me. Also, it keeps saying it can't save to the Mochigames server

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4.37 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2011
8:23 AM EST
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily Feature November 29, 2011