Arcuz 2

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After long time waiting, our little hero is back! This time he ventures into the dungeon below Arcuz to save the world! This is an epic 'diablo-style' flash game. Explore the dungeon, complete dangerous quests, battle gigantic boss monsters, and discover ancient treasures!

Time to begin your new adventure!

Mochigames account is needed for saving the game, as we have to find a way to have a online data saving function and Mochi is the most easy and stable way we found.

And Mochi micro-transaction system is for those who hate grading, search equipment or making money in game. You can enjoy the game without using it. But if you consume in game you are kind of donating us and supporting our continuous game developing on the flash platform.

And please kindly not giving an unfair score to the game because it has Mochi systems. They are needed for saving the game online and improving fun.

Thanks very much again for enjoying the game! We will keep making great games! :)

(You can set your own key mappings in the game options)
WASD/Arrow Keys: Move
J: Attack
K: Jump
U/I/O/L: Spell skills
1/2/3: Use potions/town portals
C: Characters
V: Skills
B: Inventory
N: Quest
M: Map


this is better than most RPG's of its kind and it has diablo or legend of zelda gameplay with a skill tree that isnt common in most games with more new stuff as well as the epicest thing which is returning to the original storyline and putting in a few new building blocks like a team. but i just dont like the fact that the quest button flashes after every little quest.

if minotaur if the axe is still in the sidefloor attack minotaur in the back that's my technique
use axe to kill minotaur

cool game, like the previous one!

by the way, am i the only person having trouble beating the minotaur? once hes enraged i cant get near to him or else i get killed!

Arcuz ist still a great game, but i were a bit disapointed. I mean I give it 5 stars, but the game is almost the same like the 1st one :/ still great work! you just could have advance it a bit.

Read me.

While I have not completed the game, nor am I above level 60, there are a few things about this game to note should you create Arcuz 3.

For starters, as many users have complained about, the saving function does not seem to work. Mochigames recently failed to save our progress, and there is some kind of delay when saving locally. I might upgrade my equipment right before saving, but the upgrades will cease to exist and the items I combined will revert back to their original states when I start up the game again.

Also, there seems to be a regression glitch whenever I start up the game again. My magic resistance would reduce by a factor of four - for example, my current resistance should be 60% but it shrinks to 15% - and the amount of weight I can carry would also lower to nearly half of what it should be. It takes a long time before the two rise back up to their normal levels.

The Shield Bash II skill is defective whenever I use an ability point. Each time I upgrade my skills, the Shield Bash II skill would disappear from my skill tray, forcing me to replace it.

For me, the combination function is also defective. The only problem I face whenever I combine is when I try to combine crystals and stones with my equipment. The small crystals always work fine, but combinations with the medium and large crystals appear impossible. When it fails, the attributes and items disappear as they should, but when the combination should work, the items remain as they are, nothing happens, and I get a message stating that the combination has failed. With this issue, I can never manually upgrade my equipment to effects higher than level one.

In addition, with The Trials, I feel that only the fourth trial truly tests your skills and even then only by a small margin. It would be much more of a challenge if the Shadows' intelligence were much higher, and perhaps, they can even use some of the same battling tactics as the players do instead of swinging their weapons wildly like mindless monsters in the dungeon.

Some minor issues include walking through walls, chests and enemies getting stuck within walls, the equipment sets, and inventory space.

I found that if there is a barrel or pottery next to a slanted wall and if I walk into between the two, I start walking through the wall until I hit the edge of the playing screen. While this is not a major problem, it could be utilized for elements such as secret passages, rooms, etc.

There are many instances when I break a barrel or pot and the chest that comes out flies too far and ends up in or past a wall. As it settles there, the chest continuously shakes. The same is also true with enemy monsters whenever they move too fast and wind up jumping or running through walls. In their case, I would have to walk to either the location where they first jumped through or a place where they might end up before the monsters come back flying through the wall at me.

The equipment sets, while seemingly worthwhile until you level up far past your need of them, present a unique challenge. Not only do they take up space in your inventory, but it is possible to get two identical items for the same set. In my case, I ended up with two pairs of boots for my Master's Set. I have Golden Boots at level 37 and Berserker Boots at level 41.

My last complaint is with the inventory space you receive at the village. It only makes sense that you can store immensely more items in a place you base yourself at, so why is the space at the village so limited?

Overall, Arcuz 2 is a great game that adventurers can get lost in, but its multiple flaws bring the quality down by a large margin. I hope Arcuz 3 is vastly improved compared to this game.

~Depes Crystalline~

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Nov 28, 2011
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Adventure - RPG
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