Arcuz 2

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After long time waiting, our little hero is back! This time he ventures into the dungeon below Arcuz to save the world! This is an epic 'diablo-style' flash game. Explore the dungeon, complete dangerous quests, battle gigantic boss monsters, and discover ancient treasures!

Time to begin your new adventure!

Mochigames account is needed for saving the game, as we have to find a way to have a online data saving function and Mochi is the most easy and stable way we found.

And Mochi micro-transaction system is for those who hate grading, search equipment or making money in game. You can enjoy the game without using it. But if you consume in game you are kind of donating us and supporting our continuous game developing on the flash platform.

And please kindly not giving an unfair score to the game because it has Mochi systems. They are needed for saving the game online and improving fun.

Thanks very much again for enjoying the game! We will keep making great games! :)

(You can set your own key mappings in the game options)
WASD/Arrow Keys: Move
J: Attack
K: Jump
U/I/O/L: Spell skills
1/2/3: Use potions/town portals
C: Characters
V: Skills
B: Inventory
N: Quest
M: Map


i signed up and i cannot save game still

i signed up and i cannot save game still

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make a third these are beast

Doesn't work with Mochigames

I logged into Mochigames after opening this game, and the game didn't recognize I was logged in. Although I remember Arcuz as being pretty good, I'm not going to play a long RPG with no save game feature.

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Great game but still not complete...

its a great game but its still not finished.. i think...

i found 3 glitches here...

1st is the premium item button where if you get into that menu you wont be able to go back even if you hit the back button...

2nd is the save system... i dont know why.. but im logged into my mochigames account and it was registered in the main menu that i was, yet saving cant detect that im not logged in...

3rd is the dual weapon system... i got dual blades and the animation just stops during attack and repeats itself... and if you get hit while on dual you get stuck on that sprite animation, not being able to move or attack; but you can still use your hotkeys...

anyways... great game! hope you fix this soon! :D

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I hope you had fun with this!

I am not the biggest RPG fan, but I still managed to appreciate what this was good for. It was interesting to see how you could interact with your environment. The coolest part was probably how you had a lot going for the graphics. These are just simply wonderfully designed! Even if I don't like the gameplay, I can still appreciate all the hard work and effort put into making this. The music is great and puts in a very appropriate tone.

It's the kind of game that really lets you explore and figure out what's going on. You can find everything you need by what you are being told. Gameplay like that is something that any fan of gaming can appreciate. I love how the character moves so fast. You really have to interact with everything here, sort of experiment you know?

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4.37 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2011
8:23 AM EST
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily Feature November 29, 2011