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Last Green Triangle v1.1

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Movement: Arrow Keys
Shoot: Spacebar
Change bullet color: 1,2,3,4 or cycle with "A"&"D" (Enemies can only be killed with their respective colored bullet)
Shop: "P" (collect green coins to buy things)
Restart after death: click on the screen

Objective: score as many points as possible!

Have fun!

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simple but entertaining...

i really like it , nice game simple but hard and at the same time is fun the only thing missing are the shooting sound effects.

Needs some Improvements


Nice shooter game, but a bit rough around the edges:

* Audio: Needs sound effects. If you decide to add it, also include the option to mute and/or adjust the volume. Adding music is not necessary; however, should you decide to add that in a future revision, then include volume adhjustments for it as well, separate from the sound effects.

* Graphics: The particle effects on the explosions do look nice, but you need more eye candy to make up for only having primitive shapes and lines.

* Gameplay:
- Add some sort of functionality where, when I die, I don't have top start over with nothing.
- Showing a high score is nice, but unless you actually have this tied into some back-end database somewhere, where I can see my scores with other players, it's useless. If not, might I suggest PlayerIO. It's a nice Library. If interested, you can learn more at http://playerio.com/ (:

* Usability:
- The game play entities should not interfere with the HUD.
- When you open the shop, consider: (1) dimming the gameplay elements, or; (2) removing the gameplay elements altogether. Showing the shop over the game play looks tacky.
- The text in the help looks cumbersome, and should be presented a little better.
- Include a UI on the HUD that shows which weapon you are currently using.
- Consider allowing the player input using mouse as well as keyboard and mouse, and allow the player to remap the keys.

Keep at it, and good skill.

- Ziro out.

imagirom responds:

thanks for your feedback. i included as much as i could in the new version. sound effects are coming soon

Suprisingly fun.

I was thinking it was gonna be a flop, but you really designed this well. Harks me back to the ol' pre-DOS games.