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Multi Tank Defence Extra

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Multi Tank defence, An awesum Tower Defense!


Needs some work.

Not terrible, played for a good 6 minuits.

Though alot of things needs to be touched up and re-evaluated to make this game reasonably playable for masses of people.

1 - The HUD looks kinda, horrible. The upgrade button is gray, which in most games means you can't afford it, That defintly needs to be changed to a different color.
The descriptions for the HUD " Stats/control bar" are really tiny and squished. The entire HUD could use some touch ups. Great basic hud though i guess. Just re-do some small things.

2 - To make this game, ACTUALLY playable, not just to extremly horribly bored people with nothing in life better to do like me, But to actually human beings, Theres gotta be a goal.

You'd think the goal of the game is to Protect something, Considering its a DEFENSE game. Not sure why monsters run down a path, hit the dead ends over and over, and then retreat, makes no sense, and make it where this game CAN not be considered a Tower Defense game.

Its just a shooter. Has nothing to do with Tower Defense games besides its top-down path shooting. Make a little hut, A weapons supply warehouse, Hell, Make princess peach be at the end. Doesn't matter, you just needs give us, and the enemy, SOME kind of goal in life lol.

And the #1 thing that all games require, is a mute button. Espeacially when the sound effects, are the creators own mouth sounds. I thought it was funny. Others are anoyed.

Gotta put in some Back ground music! Thats a pretty simple add isn't it? Download a good instrumental or beat, attach it to the frames and walah!

Other than that, some seriouse bugs needs to be addressed, all of that, which isn't actually much at all to impement, would make this game as popular as any good tower defense game should be. :]

nice design but...

the menu option when u lose doesnt work and the same as the upgrade tower option and mute.

the game is lacking "something" and u should put a return to main menu option that actually works

Poorly designed.

Having tried what appears to be the most basic level (upside-down T-shape), I noted the following:

-Does the game even make sense? Enemies come down into your fire zone only to retreat back into their spawn point after running back and forth in a dead-end lane. Why? Why does this make you lose?

-No bgm and the sounds were very, very repeptitive. Worse yet - the mute button doesn't work. Check for bugs and glitches.

-On the the game autorestarts for you after a slight delay. Except you restart on a new level. Hmm.

-Lacking imagination and/or redeeming features. There is little available to make this game of any particular interest. Probably the point you want to work on to most.

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2.46 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2011
3:46 PM EST
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