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Chinese Poison Toys

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** Update: Thank you, voters, for 1st place! **

Lots of thanks to Druox for the music and the mercury.

Visually it's inspired by the work of Lee Hasler and also a 3d short called, "Musicotherapie". I was going for a toy-like style, something clean and silly looking to contrast the dark and edgy music.

This animation's based very loosely on news articles about toxic toys/products originating from China. I also indict bratty kids, bad parents and greedy corporate retailers who care mainly about profits over people. The only likeable character in the piece is maybe the pit bull.

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THERE SHOULD BE A TV ( edit: did i mean TV- show? ) ABOUT THIS oh sorry caps lock was on, but still a awesome animation and i gotta mention, sometimes its kinda creepy for me.

me want chinese poison toy =3



vakavadesigns responds:

Woooo Woooooooooooo


Netx time we're buying american!
Dude no i have that song in mah head D:

vakavadesigns responds:

X-D Glad you like it - Yeah that was Druox's idea, it kind of gives the song/story a punchline :)


Im definitly getting this song on my ipod This is rich!!

vakavadesigns responds:

My first (and probably only) buyer! X-D