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Avania: episode 2 part 3

rated 3.42 / 5 stars
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Nov 25, 2011 | 9:00 PM EST

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Author Comments

Okay, backgrounds are much better now. Not as good as the first episode. Sorry this took so long to come out; voice actor lines were delayed for a few days. And I couldn't animate anymore till I got them. So that plus I became less motivated to animate. Since I started a new group on DA I've been managing it alot and I kinda lost interest in animating for the moment. I'll try to animate for the people who want to see more. But it's going to be hard... Also I've been extremely miserable for awhile about my animations. If you really want to know the details, it's on my website. I just can't animate when I'm this miserable.Q.Q

Voice roles mostly all from DeviantArt:
Felico- Eyesadrift
the Rama- Voicerocker
Z- Engetic
The Rinda(giant)-my dad
everybody else -me



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I've tried animation, and I know its very long and hard. I like how the story is really good. Yes, the animation's not the best on Newgrounds, but the story is really good, and that's what counts.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Lacking visually, but with good structure

Is this story and are these characters original? I'm writing this review under the assumption that they are.

Your backgrounds are messy and simplistic. Your animations are very minimal and the voice acting is heavily compressed and far from perfect... BUT, you're focused on telling a story, and you don't seem to be letting anything get in the way of that. FAR too many animations on newgrounds have this formula backwards. Great visuals should come AFTER a well structured story and original characters.

My advice would be to keep working with your focus on the story and characters, but slowly keep trying to improve your art. Look around at other people's art and try to emulate their style. In times where you are waiting for voice work, just go nuts on the detail of a background.

Don't feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the background. You don't have to draw every tree and plant. You only have to IMPLY the existence of these objects. Try looking at similar backgrounds in cartoons and anime. Notice how most of the time, very little work has gone into them, but they imply the space with shadows or lowering detail in the background.

Even if you don't change a thing about the art, I think you're going somewhere with this. Don't lose faith in yourself.

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Deer50 responds:

Yup, it is all original and thank you ^^


Rated 4 / 5 stars


You have set out on a very large project here, so you deserve credit for that. I enjoy your art style, it's nice that you don't use outlines, and don't overuse gradients TOO much (though at times they do stand out as cheap). The voice acting was all pretty good, and the music was lovely. Your art style is enjoyable, but at times it seems a little lazy, there are issues that could be fixed easily that are left blatantly undone (the change of focus when the rama falls out of the tree means the black silhouette of the rama doesn't fill the corners of the stage as it should). Still it was a fun thing to watch, and i wish you the best with future efforts!

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Deer50 responds:

thanks :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I just feel.......

miserable..... I can't voice act Q.Q.
That doesn't mean I give up voice acting in your Avania project but I do think I will not get the chance on being on this project which makes me more miserable...oh nooo I also forgot I have too much work to do which make me in a much more miserable....

oh COME ON Why this stupid feeling ? CONTROL YOUR SELF! I do it all the time .... also you really need someone do help you get your work in a better shape... it is not wrong to get some help? Can help with your project ? please :) I am an artist too I draw anime and I like anime... but I am not good enough for a big work :( .... I am still one the first steps of the female body shape :S I got the right prospects of the female but I still give her fat shape not like the pepsi bottle shape I give her a shape more like Pear.

Did you imagine your characters FAT ? :P I have just got this idea XD you can call this chapter the "what happens to my characters when I feel miserable."

anyway can I draw something ? animate something add anything so bored -_-
can I try to animate or something with you ? Please ! Please ! Please !

miserable feelings is the worst enemy of an artist so that is why I am offering your my help. or maybe because I am bored -_--!

I am giving you 6/10 because I wish I could see improvements. give your self more broader world to the flash animation. you can do more than sample things.

If I just can just give you a sample of what I can do.... but I have formatted my computer Q_Q I have only a very small work originally created by a friend of mine :P I will show it to you when I get into my computer in pm :F I hope that it help you get a small idea of what I am saying about broader world of flash animation.

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Deer50 responds:

actually i'm not miserable about the voices. I'm miserable for another reason lol. I never decided I was going to quit the project because I got so many voice actors together. So you don't have to worry. O.O