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Invasion of nemisis Ep1

rated 2.74 / 5 stars
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Nov 25, 2011 | 3:39 PM EST

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Author Comments

I fixed all the issues that where going on with it. some parts i can't fix because of sprite issues. so. I hope you guys can realize this. well this is the revamped part 1. I hope you guys enjoy this. i really did fix the grammar and spelling. i ran it through everything that has spell checker and grammar checker. everything is hunky dory. hope you all enjoy.

And also, i ran this through all the grammar programs i don't know what more i can do.

I don't fallow what's popular, so i wont be making a digimon pokemon series any time soon, nor will i make a sonic mario anytime soon. not my intrest, anything that's popular every one seems to rip off and bite from. so i don't want that. can't deal with copy cats. inspierers, yes. copies no.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Has its ups and downs

Well, I'm proud to give this the highest rated review so far. I think the thing I enjoyed most about this was how good the sprites were. My problems are that the moving sprite work wasn't that impressive. It also seemed a bit boring, as I expect more action in something like this. It reminds me of Kirbopher's TTA with the dialogue boxes. It seems like you could also have more reason for what's going on.

I actually think Dragonball Z/Sailor Moon is the most popular fan crossover there is. There's even more fanfics of it than Digimon/Pokemon. You could be a bit more clear on what's going on. It just kind of seems like you have mashed these characters together with little rhyme or reason. You can always have room for improvement of course.

Punisher33 responds:

Personally though/ I am not trying to really fallow trends, i'm trying encourage people to upload and do there own stuff. and as for the text, i used text boxes for the simple fact i don't really know how to get the text to match the characters with it being confusing i'm trying to do a good thing by basically telling people not to give into peer pressure and release what you want. that's what i'm hoping to do.- that's why i don't fallow trends. and i'm not looking to make one, all though i hope it gets popular.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Still Terrible....

I really wish I could see the improvements you claim to have made but the old problem still exists. The flash will not advance past the first text screen, and although you did somewhat improve the grammar, it still lacks. I wish I could review more, but the animation just does not work.

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Punisher33 responds:

I have. i'm trying hard. i keep changing things. and i don't know what you guys want.I honestly really really dont.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Spell checker and grammar checker doesn't cut it.

The flash itself was incomplete and way too slow.

You may have the spelling corrected, but you still have massive grammar errors! Plus, the words may be spelled correctly, but they are the wrong words. The computer can check that the words are correctly spelled, but it cannot know if they are used correctly.

It concerns me that you do not have the ability to judge these things for yourself. I remember that when we were in grade school, we all thought, "we don't have to learn math, because we'll just use calculators!" But now, we all realize that it's much easier to go to the store and be able to figure out that five $5 items will be $25 without having to use a calculator.

Spelling and grammar are the same way. You will be judged by EVERYONE on how you use words and grammar. Friends may just laugh, but employers control your hiring and pay! Bad grammar keeps you from getting the better jobs.

I would suggest you try again to learn correct grammar. It's ok. People will not think poorly of you for trying to re-learn, or brush up on your skills, but they WILL think poorly of you if you know you need improvement, but do nothing about it. Find someone who has good writing, grammar, or speaking skills and ask them, "Hey, you're good at speaking and writing. Would you help me to be better with mine?" See? Easy. No harm, no foul, no shame in asking.

"excuse me ms.hino he will be all yours when i'm done taking his blood pressure, and temperature and he's all yours."

But, to use an example from your flash, when it says, "He's all yours now he recovered faster than most Would giving his severe injuries." It should read, "He's all yours now. He recovered faster than most would, given his severe injuries." Grammar checker doesn't know that "giving" is not the right word. The correct word is "given."

Good luck, man. :)

Punisher33 responds:

i see where your getting at, and i did make improvements, i went through all the grammar issues and did the best i could with limited space. you gotta hit space when the screen turns black, that i can't seem to get rid of. but this is constructive criticism, i'm trying to encourage newgrounders to not copy one another, trying to actually do something nobil on this site so. that's why i chose dragonball z/ sailor moon cross over.