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Contrast 5 Points

Fiddle with the settings

Exhaust LW 5 Points

Use all of main Character's attacks

Juggle Clown 5 Points

Get a 10 hit Combo

This is too easy 5 Points

Complete Normal Mode

exhaust VL 10 Points

Use all Vandier's attacks

Juggle Blade 10 Points

Get a 20 hit Combo

Pit of Doom 10 Points

Force 5 enemies to fall to death

Slaughter 10 Points

Kill all eneimies

Special Expert 10 Points

Keep Full Speical for 30 seconds

This is more like it 10 Points

Complete Hard Mode

Destiny 25 Points

Die to the hands of Vandheer Lorde

Orb Hunter 25 Points

Collect 100 orbs

Pit of Death 25 Points

Force 10 enemies to fall to death

Special Master 25 Points

Keep Full Speical for 60 seconds

Juggle King 50 Points

Get a 50 hit Combo

Rebel Scum 50 Points

Die to the hands of the Lone Warrior

Speed Demon 50 Points

Complete Culmination in 8 minutes

God of this world 100 Points

Collect all Awards

Juggle God 100 Points

Get a 60 hit Combo

Undefeated 100 Points

Complete Culmination without dying

Author Comments

11/27/2011 - Thank you Tom Fulp for the front page!!!
I suggest that players should vs the Final Boss on hard mode (this is the REAL boss battle).

Provoked by his King into a fit of rage; the fallen Hero of the Earth, now at his lowest point. Driven by the desire to culminate, he embarks on his last journey to fulfill his destiny as he perceives it. You (the player) must guide him to his destiny.

Storm your way through 15 levels and lay waste to countless different enemies. Complete with multiple difficulties and packed with 20 achievements, Culmination is a wildly chaotic action / platform game focused on delivering a unique and grand experience.

Players with little time can get a full taste of Culmination thanks to the unique 'automatic leveling system'.

Players looking for deep experiences will find Culmination to have a well though combat system, rich with complex mechanics.



Great game bro!, controls are easy to handle and the story is cool... it relates to all the other games(ARMED WITH WINGS123) played this game then went and played the rest of the saga... lmao

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Same old problems

Slippery floors & how the end of combo moves can make the you invulnerable to attacks (or even kill you)

I am more happy to see Vandheer again, oh how he's awesome & being hated at the same time. I think the Lone Warrior is a bit too cheating as he had abilities we can't use but he ended up having them the time we play as Vandheer. Oh & it seems Vandheer moves are a bit useless, I can't get the S D & W to hurt the Lone Warrior at all.

Oh here's something that makes the final battle a bummer. I exploit the fact Lone Warrior will jump up when he fell & how the combo ends will leave the characters vulnerable. I just push him off the cliff over & over again until he died.

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UnHoly Flogging Cow Hymens!

You need to look into getting this on consoles. It's got that thing about it, that quality of a finely tuned program, just the right amount of stuff in the right places, like a beautiful woman who doesn't know she's hot cuz she's got teenage acne that won't go away until she's well into her thirties. The atmosphere from the music and the sepia tones really set this contemplative mood in me, the high speed razor sharp rapier made me giggle, then when I busted the first baddie and he was all flying around like a black hawk down and I'm cutting him into the air just filled my manly chest with heaving sighs. I have always been a fan of impossible physics, I always want to feel a strong emotional impression when I do something new for the first time, that way I can say I'm addicted and don't have to stop!

I should tell you that I literally stopped when I killed the first enemy in the game, and I literally let out a "Wow!"
There is nothing cooler that flowing capes and rock hair in the wind. Except for a sword and double jumps, those are quite cooler.

I found that the dialogue actually worked, there was odd emotional subtext behind it, almost like you casted a spell on your source code, because at first I thought that it wouldn't (work), but it clearly would (work), by it's own sheer force of will (work for food).

We've all heard the boring Superhero comic logorrhea ("Verbal Stool" made me chuckle.), yet you managed to pull it off in a way that will not be questioned, not because it can't be, but because it has a knife.

I bloody don't know what the hell's happening storywise as I literally stopped to write this after softly cooing "Fcuk." at my monitor, twice, and yet you've communicated so many things about the two characters in the first two minutes of the game that I feel it doesn't need to change.
I said "Fcuk", NOT "Fuck" for a reason. Not a good one, but a reasonable one.

Guy a: I will kill you and there nothing you can say that will change my mind.
Dude b: You will not kill me and I will not kill you because you are not ready.

Pretty much sums up every damn martial arts film. and many of them are still quite good.

In recent years there have been a number of very successful video games that are not terribly complex or great, graphics wise (and in the case of the Wii, well, you got a whole system built on the concept, risky, but bold!), which is odd that your game actually excels by not adhering perfectly to film noir pacing or film stock, but by sheer force of will (work for food, seriously. I will).

I also like the fact that I feel neither embarrassed nor sad by the tone.
Thank you for your work! I'm gonna pay it forward somehow!

I'd give you a hug if you still had arms. I cut them off. and now that I want a hug I feel sorry about that.

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D-SuN responds:

This is the coolest review EVER! Thank you so much for writing this!


An excellent game, I genuinely can't think of anything to criticise....

This is a first for me.

I love it.

I love the art, I love the controls, I love the combos and I love he things I can do with my character. This game is pretty much my favorite now.

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Credits & Info

4.49 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2011
1:33 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other
  • Frontpaged November 26, 2011
  • Daily Feature November 25, 2011
  • Weekly 3rd Place November 30, 2011