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Earn to Die

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Author Comments

Now with Super Wheel!


27 days

missed out the middle car to achieve it. One of the most enjoyable games I have played in a long time. Lots of work went into this and the sequel will be amazing.

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Ok, so here it is:

This game... was OK. It was not very original, it had some flaws and didn't give an entertaining experience.

The good parts: You had a decent idea, drive your car, kill zombies, upgrade your car, and escape. There were no obvious bugs or glitches in the game, and it felt quite smooth overall.

The bad parts: Zero plot, weird upgrade system, not very entertaining or addictive.

Rant: I do not understand the concept: drive towards a helicopter, in the middle of the desert, zombies are in your way, and you get to upgrade the car based on the distance you have traveled. It doesn't make sense, first of all, why would there be a guy in the middle of the desert, surrounded by zombies, and luckily has binoculars with which he sees a helicopter? Why the heck does he have three cars he can use, but can only use the crappiest first and better after driving? How come he drives maybe half of the way to the helicopter, without finding any parts for fixing his car with, and when he runs out of fuel he suddenly teleports back to the start, where weirdly enough he can choose only some of the parts to fix his car with, and the others... he needs time to figure out how to use by driving? And the zombies, the fall over by barely touching them with the car, why couldn't he just walk to the helicopter and push the zombies who are coming towards him away? A touch would probably be enough to send an arm flying. It is all very messy.

What to fix if a sequel is made: Make it so that you can find spare parts and fuel etc. on the way, also make it so that the zombies can actually damage the car, and if the fuel goes out, he gets out of the car, maybe fires a flare gun to scare the zombies away, giving him time to fix and/or upgrade the car, and if the car gets too damaged, the guy gets out, the car explodes and scares away the zombies, and you need to fix it. Also make a lot more stunt or achievement stuff, because several times I thought: "I sure flew a lot there, that was a huge jump, shouldn't that give me some sort of extra money or anything? It sure was more difficult that killing a couple of zombies."

The idea wasn't very original, the plot was nonexisting, the realism was off the charts, and the upgrade system was just weird. If you make a sequel, please fix all the weird stuff, and you will probably have a really good game.

This was my opinion, please don't hate.

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ladies and gentlemen,

look at your car. now back to mine. now back to your car. now back to mine. sadly, your car is definitely not as awesome as mine. but if you stopped working yourself so hard and played more flash games, you could have a digital car almost as awesome as mine.

look up. now down. where are you? you're in the middle of a desert, crashing through boxes and zombies. look again. THE ZOMBIES ARE NOW MERE ARMS AND LEGS! anything is possible when you play flash games. im in a helicopter.

you know, every once in a lifetime a perfect game is formed from hard work, sweat, blood and urine, and a lot of good ideas forged into the ultimate game of a lifetime. and this; was that very game.

BTW, this is my 100th review. sweet!

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This game is funny!


It doesn't work. Im full up on my flash updates and everything to run flash so Im just wondering what could be wrong? Ohh and I havent given any stars but that doesnt mean Im giving it a bad score, I'll rate it once the bug is fixed.

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Credits & Info

4.39 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2011
4:03 AM EST
Action - Other