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Author Comments

Now with Super Wheel!



It's definitely fun but I think it would be noticeably better with simple additions like making the game longer (definitely), changing up the guns (maybe adding a manual setting) and things like that. Also, fuel is pretty much useless in this game, it just takes away money you can use on the other tuning optons that give much larger boosts in performance

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the zombies are scaping!!! WTF???

Great game dude!!!!
i have scaped in 29 days \o/

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Get to tha choppa!

10/10 all the way! But 27 days of running over zombies in a semi truck outfitted with a gatling gun and rocket engines isn't enough time! I need more zombies!

An excellent game by all means!

~ Quick Comments ~

I'm giving you a perfect 10/10 because I played the game so many times and it was just as fun every single time that I played it. That being said, I'm going to list so many recommendations and factors that I think could improve the game that I may just run out of review space. I'd appreciate it if you would take the time to read them and to take them in consideration if you were ever to make another game like this in the future.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

I enjoyed everything here. The game never lagged for me where sometimes other games would have. The backgrounds were extremely nice and all of the animations were nicely done.

I could recommend that you do some of the following though. Even though I would hate if you figured in a damage factor the vehicle in terms of being able to continue driving, I feel that it would look much better if the vehicles appeared damaged as you ran into things. As you run into zombies it would be a nice feature to have the vehicle become blood soaked. The more you run down, the more blood should be sprayed over the car.

~ Story/Concept ~

I love the grinding in the game and the upgrades. There's a lot that could be done here to really improve the game.

1) I would have liked a better description of what the upgrades actually did. I know that it should be pretty self explanatory, but at first I wasn't quite sure if the engine made my vehicle stronger, faster, quicker, etc... I kind of figured that it either did a little of everything, but that the engine made the vehicle faster, the tires stronger, and the transmission allowed for quicker acceleration. Perhaps give the car a rating system and show how the rating system will change when selecting a new upgrade.

2) MORE UPGRADES! I personally feel that there is one obvious upgrade that should have been included. Some sort of shield should be added to the front of the car. It could be some sort of rigged metal (grocery carts, plow, etc...) so you can control your strength when going through boxes and zombies. Having an upgrade that could benefit you by not having to lose as much speed when running into things would have made the game a little better and probably make the vehicles look a lot cooler as well!

3) MORE VEHICLES! I would have loved if this game was even longer. I would personally make the destination even further away so you could have a ton more vehicles to upgrade through. You could have included vans, bulldozer, or even a bus. I could see this being a very long and enjoyable game by simply adding more diversity than the three vehicles that you had to offer us. If you ever make a sequel please add more.

4) Random

a) I feel there could be a better diversity in the zombies. There were only two different types.

b) It needs to be more clear why you get certain bonuses when hitting boxes or zombies. It seems that you get it for hitting targets in a certain fashion for the first time with each vehicle, but you can't really be 100 percent sure.

I liked the small comedy at the end. The entire game was serious in a way, but the ending really wasn't. Perhaps it would be better in my opinion if it was serious all the way through, but at the same time we added rockets to big rig and I'm mentioning that the game was serious? Lol, ok, perhaps not.

~ Audio ~

The music was very fitting and the sound effects were a perfect match to the game. There simply isn't anything that I can think about for improvement here. Maybe, just maybe, you could include some voices, but it isn't something that I find necessary.

~ Overall ~

A very fun game with good graphics and audio. I would love to see more added to this. The only thing keeping this from being an amazing game and a good game is very slim. If you ever make a sequel please take my opinions into thought when creating it.

I haven't reviewed something seriously in awhile because I haven't really seen the point in it. I guess you should be honored or something? Perhaps not. :P Have a good day, keep making good games, and keep on getting better!

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Great game but is mostly based on the upgrades and not in skill.

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Credits & Info

4.39 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2011
4:03 AM EST
Action - Other