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Super Smash Bros ep.1

rated 1.67 / 5 stars
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Nov 24, 2011 | 12:28 AM EST

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Author Comments

Well. For instance, this is the first of the Super Smash Bros saga. If you see this, it's a whole lot different than SMBZ and NSMW. The glitch is fixed!!! You should go to the new Super Smash Bros website.
It's here (http://superfilms911-sup




Rated 5 / 5 stars



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Starting at 10...

-5 for just a bit of shortness, +3 for fighting scenes and -2 for Bowser dying so shortly. so 6
is my score.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


I actually enjoyed this film and Im tired of people making reviews like this, I would like to see you guys make a flash movie.

ARF needs motovation to make more and the more he makes the better he'll get.

Now, I enjoyed it, the sprites could have more reason to fight and get the scene button working before you submit.

One more thing. Keep up the good work, but careful on the sound, Im using turtle beaches as headphones and my ears are ringing. Make sure you touch up on sound. I know sprite animation is a hard thing to do, but make sure sound is as good as video.

- Eddie R.

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Actionreplayfilms responds:


Sorry if the sound made your ears ring. Basically, it's better than publishing the NSMW project but Super Smash Bros is even better!!!! Thanks for the comment, i'll try to make a few changes.



Rated 1 / 5 stars

We are saved!

Take comfort, Newgrounds! Our salvation is at hand, for instance!

The portal was dying, the site was losing all credibility, and animators everywhere ached for inspiration. To whom can we turn?
And then a voice cried out from the darkness, "I will save us!" And forth came Super Smash Bros ep.1, for instance.

And this, for instance, is exactly what we needed! A sprite-based flash with the occasional self-recorded voices (studio quality, for instance) in places where existing sound clips would work; exelant riting with no tpyos; deep character development with strong, coherent dialogue; and of course, in places where sprites weren't used, there are incredibly brilliant, vividly detailed special effects that don't look like they only took five seconds to make.
But still this was not enough for Actionreplayfilms; no, such a messiah went the extra mile and made a perfectly functioning "Scene select" button, careful NOT to submit his work until it was working correctly. And the humility of never claiming copyright protection on something that so many would claw out of their graves to steal!

...ok, now that THAT'S over...
First off, it really doesn't take long to add a vague hint of serious work to the MS Paint SFX you used. Admittedly I only watched a few minutes of the first clip, stopping after Bowser's "partner" appeared to challenge Mario and Pikachu. Within that time I noticed at least three major elements that were cheap & quick Paint jobs; the background on Bowser's heli-whatsit after taking the Power Star, the "blast" after his fireball, and Mario's unduly-large eyelids (I mean dear god those were almost frightening). All of which were a solid color polygon with solid color outlines at a much higher thickness than should even exist. Taking a moment or two to add some spray effects for the semblance of particles, or SOMETHING, would improve the quality of this just because it would no longer look like you spent...well, ten seconds on each thing.

Second, your writing. Go find and hire a writer. You may well be beyond help here. But excessive exclamation marks do NOT good dialogue make.

Third, your storyline. I can't really comment on this because I had so little tolerance for everything else and didn't watch very far. I'm guessing it's a standard "random characters from across typical IP boundaries unite against a common foe" bit, with Bowser as usual being the go-to villain (Master Hand? No? Ok...).

As this is already TL:DR material, I'll just close with one last thing; your Author Comments... "For instance."
'You keep using that word. i do not think it means what you think it means.'
This phrase does not make you sound intelligent or thoughtful, especially not when you use it incorrectly TWICE without using it correctly at any point.

Look, everyone has to start somewhere; I get that. I just think maybe you should start in the forums, talking and sharing ideas with people and expanding your concepts, maybe (god forbid) coming up with something truly original, and work up a few initial projects that you don't submit. When you DO finally put something on the portal for the world to see, make sure it's exactly what you'd want. Put in some time, some effort, and some practice, and don't settle for anything less than awesome.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

Mind-numbingly bad,

I think that ripping of SMBZ was the only way you could add structure to your plots. Because this has none. Just a bunch of random sprites that show up and battle each with no explanation. To make a sprite episode that people actually like, you need to have a good story AND/OR good animation. Unfortunately, this has neither.