Mienfoo's Battle

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SO.....I also uploaded this on DA. It's a fairly simple game. Just use SPACE to attack and arrow keys to move. You get money for defeating opponents :)


Its an okay game

The AI needs some work and the controls aren't as smooth as they should. Make it harder by adding projectiles or something to make it more challenging. Of course I only played the first two levels.

Fun, but needs a little more work.

Overall, decently designed and reasonable, if not formulaic, idea. While the game itself is solid, there are some basic problems:

First, using Pokemon is both unnecessarily trite and shows some limited creativity. They are clearly not the original characters, and I would recommend creating your own instead of using them if you have the time.

The hit boxes for enemies and the various attacks are substantially larger than the sprites. While this may be a system-dependent issue (I'm using Linux), it does make the game effectively unplayable once the enemies start attacking, because the entire screen is filled once two projectiles enter. If you have an opportunity, you should either increase the sprite sizes to match the hit boxes, or shrink the hit boxes to match the sprites.

Again, overall a very nice entry. It just needs some polish.

Needs to be tested.

This game has potential to be good, but there are several glaring problems.

1: The collision detection is questionable. I think I hit, but I don't. I think I avoid the razor leaf, but it hits.
2: The knock back is more annoying than difficult. Should be reduced.
3: A lot of grinding is needed to get further. Stats don't make a significant effect.

Other problems include...

1: No sound.
2: Lack of animation frames.
3: Lack of attacks.
4: Dull background.
5: Generic health bars.

I can live with the other five problems, but the former three really makes this game unenjoyable.

Good artwork, not a great game.

This is a great example of how art does not make a great game. It has to be about game play and fun factor. Pressing space repeatedly is not my Idea of fun. Now I am not saying this game is bad, it just lacks in the content department. Maybe a new move or cooler bosses to fight or just something to keep the game more interesting. I hope you make more games in the future.


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2.66 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2011
10:27 PM EST
Action - Fighting - VS