Skeleton hoops

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Celebrating my 10 years as a game developer I decided to make one with my favorite topics: Skeletons, Basketball and simplicity

Is a simple game where you can use any button on the keyboard or mouse to navigate and play

Press and keep press to make the skeleton jump, release te button at the highest of the jump to make a good shoot


The only downfall about this game is that it's hard to shoot. I shoot and then I can't shoot immediately. Otherwise it's addictive and fun.

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if you look closely at his hands when he,she is about to shoot you can see the original ball

It's alright.

It's addictive, but that's about all it has going for it.

Graphics aren't too good, but it's fun, and that's good enough for some people, but not me, it really pissed me off at times, considering it would slow down and speed up at random, some points going extremely fast, making it hard to aim a shot, sometimes going super slow.

All in all, it kept me busy for a while, well enough to where my judgement didn't effect it's entry. From me, you get 5 out of 10.

Crashs browser with repeated new tab calls

unable to start a game, all i get is a new tab opening in my browser to a page with the c1lc logo in the middle. again and again and again - new tab opening every 1/2 second.

Great for a quick game.

First off - congratulations on a decade of being a game developer!

I didn't like how the menu navigated. I mean, why not just point and click? Hm. Oh well.

I read the instructions and told about the controls - points to you. But what it didn't tell me was the little things falling - it didn't tell that the star/jewel increased your score and the skull summoned a skeleton that attempts to block your shots. The instructions page doesn't just tell about the controls - it's what to expect. Most games tell about the good items and the bad ones.

As for the gameplay, it was very generic. Just throwing a ball with a small click. This makes it good for only a few playthroughs, then it gets very very repetitive and boring. And it requires some power to throw a free throw... in this game it makes it seem you only need a little bit of power to get an easy free throw. Getting the skull doesn't help very much, just throw it when he's about to jump. Maybe, if you make another version/sequel, every time you get a skull, he jumps higher. Also, at the end, make two buttons; one that replays and one that leads to the menu.

The graphics weren't very good, but some effort has been made. Though, the ball wasn't transparent (I used the Earth ball). As for the sound, there was nothing. Try putting up some basketball sounds, like the small thump of the basketball, the struggle to get a shot up and the struggle to block it? You should put on some music as well.

Overall, pretty good for a quick playthrough but becomes repetitive afterwards.

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2.51 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2011
12:06 PM EST
Sports - Basketball