David Dancing to Nyan :0

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its not that great, but im getting there :0


Simple loop. Not bad but nothing spectacular. Thanks for putting that song in my head again. I told you I'd log in and look at this!

davidsevenfold responds:


simple and funny

i like it

Not horrible for your first submission..

..but it could have a lot of improvement!

First and foremost, though; in your author comments, don't put "It's not that great..." or else you're going to have your viewers judging your video before they have even seen it! Even if that's what you truly believe, and probably the truth, you're bagging you're own video before others can judge it for themselves. Try instead saying what you spent a lot of time on; "I made this, and though I am new at this, I spent a lot of time on the coloring and the lip syncing." or something, ANYTHING to help boost peoples' opinions. If you bash your own video while they wait for it to load, how much of a chance are they going to give it?

I gave you a three because it seems you did try, but I feel you can do a lot better. If you continue to practice I'm certain you can make really good animations. I would watch tutorials on Newgrounds, as they are very informative, helpful, and easy-to-follow if you are a beginner. I would span out and try something more complex next time, like perhaps, adding other characters, a storyline, and some dialogue (not necessarily even voice overs; subtitles can be good, too!). Comic book-style animation is also pretty neat, and not overly-difficult if it's something that interests you.

Overall, I think you made a very small loop that gives the viewer an idea that you are at least toying with Flash and figuring out how to animate, but I think if you practice practice practice, you could have potential to make much better stuff. Believe in yourself. You do seem to know how to draw, but the more you practice, the more refined your style will become, and people will begin to notice your work more.

Good luck, and I hope you continue making new stuff and sharpening your skills!

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davidsevenfold responds:

actually, my first submission got shot down, this is my second, im glad that its still up, and thanks :)

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Nov 23, 2011
12:06 AM EST
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