Aqua Phobia Man

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My first test submission to Newsgrounds!

Before you ask, I don't know why he carries around a obviously useless umbrella either!



This game to me seems to have a lot of potential, but lacks the ability to capture my attention fully. To be honest the random clusters of rain deters from the fun of the game in the fact, that five seconds after it starts, you can tell you aren't going to last another five let alone 10 seconds. 6/10 Work on presentation, mixing up some stuff color wise can always draw someone's attention better than something created with nearly all the same colors. Also remember that you want the game to be a challenge, not something that will give you an aneurysm after beginning gameplay. Overall a good idea that should be tweaked upon and maybe you'll get a nine out of me then

Interesting game but it's like a used car

I'm surprised that you have shown some level of action script programming knowledge to make this simple avoid game.

I would rate this at the average level but it is not really a stand out game that i will likely remember since it is just so average.

I think it would be more interesting to think up a brand new gaming engine all together instead of recycling an engine used so many times.

Think of it like a used car while it is still a lot of fun it is no match for brand new car complete with new car smell.

Your game was great but it just lacked that new car smell of creating a brand new gaming engine would have brought.


Okay first submission.

This is an alright first submission that needs a lot of work. The first thing I see was the menu, which was plain and needed music. I skimmed the instructions, also plain-looking, and played.

I didn't like the art very much or the sound (replace it with something from the audio portal, maybe?) and probably needed more sound effects, though I liked the fact that there's a replay button instead of automatically replaying it like some newbies here do, sometimes makes me wonder if making a button is hard.

The gameplay was very typical of its genre; avoid an item (rain in this case) while running. I think (maybe it's just me) the attack range of the raindrops were a bit too high.

Overall, has potential but currently needs work.

not much to it

the raindrops are completely randomly generated, which really isn't a good thing. you should do something to control how the raindrops are distributed to some extent.

Also, when you click and hold but not move the mouse, you should have a neutral sprite.


needs some medals

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2.29 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2011
7:27 PM EST
Skill - Avoid