Sean and Such Ep. 9

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Episode nine of Sean and Such. Sean and Joe talk about odd retro game facts as they take the store's inventory. When Sean goes to enjoy his dessert, Joe gets enraged and a mysterious new stranger gets the brunt of Joe's anger.

It's been a while since the last episode and we do apologize to fans who had to wait. We've been creating a web site during the break and getting the word out about the show at a few comic-con's. Well, it's finished now and here for your viewing pleasure, hope you guys enjoy. And don't forget to head over to our new web site for more on the series including outtakes, images, and some more extras.


Love all the video game references in this show. The humor really hits home. Also all that talk about Turtle Pies is making me hungry! I love the ending to this episode! This has to be the worst pet store in all the land but that's what makes this show so great!

A little better than the last one as the slow paced start to the flash actually seemed to lead somewhere in the end and something from past flashes in the series finally came to light. However, I did feel that the start was still perhaps a little too drawn out and you could have done with cutting a few of the lines. The same problems which have been present in this series from the very first episode still exist as well, which is really disappointing when you're 9 episodes in.

A replay button is still missing from the end, the pillars still look out of place in the intro due to them being the only part of the image with any depth and an apostrophe was missing from the title once more.

Most of the scenes were still shot straight on, missing the much needed diagonals in order to add depth to the image. However, there was one shot where you seemed to remedy this, but you messed it up by failing to apply the diagonals to all areas. This was the scene which took up the bulk of the movie. You had a shot showing the corner of a room. The shelf along the left wall had diagonals, but the door on the right wall was drawn as though it was straight on. This looked absolutely bizarre. You should have drawn the door at a matching diagonal as well. You also needed to add depth to the objects on the shelf as well as flat items on a shelf with depth also looked bizarre.

The flash was still completely lacking in animation. The main issue was with the animals. They seemed very too rigid and the cat and most of the mice didn't move at all. To make them appear life-like and not like they're stuffed toys you need to put work into animating their body parts. The frog animation was also weak. A tweened stretch did not look like natural movement at all. I felt that more work needed to go into it's leg movements to make it look like it was jumping across the floor.

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I love this series, it is reminesent of clerks. This series is everything Kevin Smith wishes he would have done after the original clerks, stay relevent and funny. The reason why Clerks is great and why this Series is consistantley great is it does not stray towasrds the unrealistic, we all can relate to having that one job that just sucked so much ass you wanted to burn the place down every minute you were there. Sean and Joe are amazing focal points of the series because they are the manifestation of one mind. Sean represents you at work, trying to make the best of a bad situation while joe represents what you truly want to do, tell all the customers to fuck off.

love it !

nice humor and megaman is awsome !

Still underrated.

It never ceases to amaze me people's lack of reaction to this series, I've watched every episode and I think it's great. Nice, dry humor, amusingly human characters, I think the ideas are TV-ready. I can tell you've made good use of your time with this series, as each episode is long and satisfying, but he execution may be hindering you though.

I know people hate hearing this, but have you considered shortening the episodes to 4-4:30 each? People on the net have short attention spans, I've found that anything over 5 minutes takes a huge chunk out of your replay value. Also, if I were you, I'd stop numbering the episodes to the public too, people are terrified of numbers when it comes to web toons. The bigger the number, the less likely people are to watch it, maybe try giving each episode a unique name? You can still have it as part of the series IN CARTOON, just not in the way you present it. Just my two cents, I'd love to see this series get more play, I think it deserves it.

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