McSucky's - Episode 1

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The project I've been completing for 4 years finally makes it to NG and I'm very pleased. It's taken a long time to get to this point and I'm very happy to share it with everyone.

This series is about friends working together at a fast food restaurant in southwest Missouri and all the crazy things they talk about and do. This episode introduces all the main characters and gives you a little more info what this series is about.

Episode 2 will be posted immediately after this one is posted, and the third episode will follow tomorrow. With good luck and positive feedback this series might make it to its full 6 episode run so leave those comments and vote accordingly please. Haters gonna hate, but maybe you could take your hate elsewhere and u mad at your mom's house.



People can critisize all they want but it turned out awesome considering what we had to work with :)

A for effort

I can tell you put alot into this, the animation was descent I found the plot funny st funny

I don't think you used a tables so this was exceptional for your talent level. Your voice felt natural with some of the characters but the narrator felt lifeless.

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Better than "The Heart, She Holler"!

If I told you I could do better, it would be a damned lie. You put effort into this and I can see that there's actually characters and what will probably be a storyline. I'm gonna offer one major piece of advice to you though; You need a better microphone. Your mix is muddy, but fairly clear. Keep at it though, plenty of people are going to shit all over your work, but most of them wouldn't know a keyframe from a pictureframe.

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Im going to kill you.

I am going to murder you. I am going to take a knife and cut down you're house, kid nap you and saw you up. This is Jeffrey dahmer. JKKKK this is good i liked it but kind of mediocre.

Pretty cool

Although the animation is pretty stiff, the writing makes up for it. The only thing I do not like is the low-low voice of the narrator. But this shows promise of being all right. On to episode two....

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2.18 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2011
1:53 PM EST
Comedy - Original