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An experimental animation to the song 'Ruler of Everything' by Tally Hall. I have arranged a series of images and symbols that combined with the lyrics of the song will encourage you to contemplate the meaning. What is going on here?

~Song Lyrics:~ http://lyrics.wikia.com/ Tally_Hall:Ruler_Of_Every thing

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Awesome Song!

Oh Krishna! Where are you? You danced with the milk maid and played the flute! You are an incarnation of Vishnu embodied in Krishna, I'm sure it tied into Jesus and Christianity.

The example of Siddh%u0101rtha Gautama meditating under the Bodhi Tree, Krishna's love, and God's Love can be described as ways to free ourselves from attachment of sense objects. Religion is one way to commune with God or Gods, but moving from that mind set can bring another level of freeing ourselves from our physical bodies and Samsara. I see that in the animation, the puppet is enslaved by society by getting a job, going to school, being rich, etc. He either went to hell or heaven. The main meaning of this song and animation can mean that we live in a physical world that is temporary. Nothing is enduring unless you free yourself from attachment of dualities. One way is love(Love for Krishna/ yoga of renunciation), the other is reject the world like what Buddha did, and the final one is to either let god into your life like St. Augustine or detach everything in you and only then do you know God like Meister Eckhart. Not sure if I'm correct but I think I can most of it.

Sources: Introduction to Philosophy and Religion class in college, books: Bhagavad Gita, Augustine: Confessions, and Meister Eckhart's from whom God hid nothing.

Nice animation and song. When I saw Krishna, I knew where it was going, I think.

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this drove me more insane than I already am, good job!

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Troll Krishna....

He's the ruler of everything.

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i memorized the lyrics!

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Dissapointed by the End

I really liked this Animation at a whole and how you gave your own interpretation to the lyrics.
But one thing was totally bugging me,

that the Song and video did not start from the beginning by its own!

I mean, that would perfectly emphasize the "cyclic" part of the meaning you interpreted into and which is THE NAME of this animation. In the last Seconds of the animations I sat there, mumbling "and now, repeat yourself... start over from the beginning... come on start over..." ... and was somehow disappointed because of that.

Other then that - nice work there =)

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Nov 22, 2011
11:43 AM EST