The Legend of Pandora

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Dark Rite 5 Points

Find all the differences at the eighth level

Defeated Enemy 5 Points

Find all the differences at the fifth level

Easy Money 5 Points

Find all the differences at the second level

Hard-gained Troffeys 5 Points

Find all the differences at the sixth level

Hunting 5 Points

Find all the differences at the third level

Long-awaited Reward 5 Points

Find all the differences at the seventh level

New City 5 Points

Find all the differences at the first level

The Battle 5 Points

Find all the differences at the fourth level

The Pandora Box is Open 5 Points

Find all the differences at the ninth level

Easy 10 Points

Complete the game in easy mode

Medium 50 Points

Complete the game in medium mode.

Hard 100 Points

Complete the game in hard mode.

Author Comments

Eric is an experienced warrior who was searching for a new job. The long road he took brought him to an unknown village where he found an ancient clan, members of which suffered from attacks of a cruel legendary monster. They asked Eric to kill the monster for a reasonable sum of money. Take a trip together with Eric and help him to fight the monster! Look closely at both pictures and try to identify the difference within the time limit!


Nothing new.

This is your typical "spot the differences" game. It brings nothing new to the genre other than the story (which barely even exists). The game does have some good art work and awesome music. At the end of the day, its just an average game without any redeeming qualities.

The bad kind of differences.

The good: The art is greatand the music is good too.

The bad: The differences are mostly variations in colour. Seldom objects and almost never story relivant objects. This is an ok game with great art.

How to make this a ten: The best that I have seen are difference games where the differences were things like the knights sword was cracked instead of new and in the next sceen we see the knight breaking his sword.

This game has the weakest form of difference: it is often small changes in colour and it deletes the change that you click on. It represents simple programming and a weakness in game design. The art is amazing an is worth a play through but not a repeat.

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Truly amazing.

The pictures are awesome and actually have a plot, and some of those details where really hard to spot at times. If that wasn't enough, the music is cool and there are tons of medals to earn.

Well done!

I don't understand why ..

i seriously don't ! Why is this game on the verge ? itms actually quite good. I love the Artstyle, the story and the difficulty. Ok i don,t like the Ending, which i think is way to abrupt... and i,m not a fan of the music but it,s still a good game.

I hope u,ll update a better ending ... this one just doesn,t do it.

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Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2011
11:35 AM EST
Puzzles - Difference