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IceCream Puzzle

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Author Comments

It is necessary to Move item up, left, right, up or down, so that would be 3 identical elements lined up in a line horizontally or vertically.


The game is so-so, but you should upload the loop music from the menu.
You should overall publish the soundtrack from the game.
It's one of the best things I had heard in my life, and I heard a lot.

Good Game

It was a good game but got boring after a bit, sometimes it would only get rid of 3 popsicles when there is clearly 5 in a row. Other than that was a good game.


The game works, and was mildly entertaining, but doesn't offer anything new or interesting to the genre. My main problem was that the icons were so small, so the artwork couldn't really be seen without squinting. Also the fact that you couldn't get rid of more than 3 at a time, even if you had more than 3 lined up, really bugged me, and is pretty much a standard feature in these types of games.

I found the music to be annoying, and the artwork looked cute, if I could have seen it better.

The menus look pretty boring and the gameplay itself was a bland. You can't really just make one of these games up real quick without adding any special features or gimmicks, and have it go over well.

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Adequate game ruined by overwhelming ad placement

There is fine line between providing an entertaining free product and also trying to make income from it. This game (and others by the author) cross this line and move into the very annoying category. The author should be happy with an initial ad placement at the beginning, but instead places ads between some levels as well, requiring the player to sit through ad after ad. If I wanted to watch television I would be doing that. This is the world of Tivo. Reduce the ads and you will get better scores and more people playing your games.

aktetby responds:

sorry, unfortunately the game with interlevel ads do more. Sometimes it is necessary to eat =)


basically bejeweled with popsicles

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3.07 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2011
5:36 AM EST
Puzzles - Other