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The Invaders From Space

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Author Comments

Annoying to get a low enough sound quality to work for Action Script. I was going to make it have vertical small movement, but I couldn't get it to work. I'm probably going to make another with more levels and features.

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i understand youre a new artist practicing and this is incomplete, so what youre gonna wanna do is put a "bullet" on the alien sprites thats invisible and moves as they do, when you fire a bullet, you also fire a second, also invisible, bullet that kills their invisible bullet. make another sprite at the bottom of the screen that if touched by an alien's invisible bullet, you lose, if the ship touches the invisible bullet, you lose, note that since the "bottom shield" is only vulnerable to the alien's invisible bullets, the standard shots it makes wont hurt the "shield" but it touching the "shield" will end the game.

now, for the movement, all i gotta say to that is use similar shield & invisible bullet methods, make something up like "on alien touching wall, drop down 1 pixel" or w/e

note: this is by far not the best way to handle these holes, its just the simplest thing i can think up at this time.

Later maybe...

The game is simple and clear, but as you mention in your comment, it is rather short and seems unfinished. However, the principle is quite funny.