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***NOTE: This game was created back in April 2011. I posted it to my deviantart back then, but I've just now posted in here on Newgrounds. This is the exact same version as the one posted back then.***

This is a simple platforming/sidescrolling test game for the game engine I'm working on to hopefully create a longer, more complete MLP game in the future. Anyways, enjoy!! Oh, and I realize there are no cutie marks! :(
Those will be for version 2.0 along with different manes/tails and with that the ability to play as the main cast. Also better/smoother animations.

There are quite a few bugs still! If (when) you encounter them, please let me know in the comments. Getting temporarily stuck in walls/rocks (especially when flying) is a pretty common one.

Also, I chose the Sonic 3 level tiles mostly because I already had those easily available. Meaning, It probably won't be like that if/when I ever make this into a full game.

In the future I plan on releasing the engine when it's more or less finished.
(I noticed sometimes this game has pretty bad slowdown here on the DA page, I think's it's due to the ads on the site... if it's moving unbearably slow you can try playing it here instead.)

NOTE: this is the exact same version that is uploaded at dA. It was originally uploaded there in April 2011.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is (c) Hasbro, Inc.


i played as fluttershy and derpy !!!!!!!!

It's a Sonic-like game!
I can fly all the time I want! WOOT!

I first thought we can play Derpy Hooves but instead,we can customize our charactere! Yay!
I bet the music is a remix of a Rarity's sound?


i fuckin love it, sonic plus ponies equals extreme awesomeness

Really, really good start!

Yep, that's pretty much that.

Story/Idea: Pretty decent. It's like the Cupcake Dreams game you made.

Sprites: Really good. My pony that I made had dark blue fur, dark red mane, and light green eyes.

Movement: Pretty much the same as Cupcake Dreams. I would say it's actually a little better here, because you're not in a rush to do whatever you're doing.

OVERALL: Better than the Cupcake Dreams game. I find it rather interesting that both of these games were released in the exact same day. Still good though, but you're gonna have to try REALLY hard if you wanna beat Super Filly Adventure.

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Derpy Default FTW!

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3.94 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2011
2:38 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other