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Pony Platform Game (Engine Test)

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Author Comments

MOBILE DEVICES: Turn off low power mode/battery saver if the game is running slow. This game should run at 60fps. Low power mode will make it run much slower.

2021 Update:

Game ported from Flash to HTML5. Also compatible with touchscreens now!

I did NOT fix any bugs in this one. It's still extremely buggy. See below.

This test "game" was originally released in April 2011. This was the very first version of the engine I later used in Cupcake Dreams and Fluttershy's Bunny Rescue. Since Flash is now discontinued, I've converted this test game to HTML5 for posterity, but I didn't update this test game to a newer version of the engine. So it's still just as buggy as you remember. You can get stuck in walls and phase through floors etc.

Enjoy this weird little piece of MLP fangaming history!

11/21/2011 - Original Description:

***NOTE: This game was created back in April 2011. I posted it to my deviantart back then, but I've just now posted in here on Newgrounds. This is the exact same version as the one posted back then.***

This is a simple platforming/sidescrolling test game for the game engine I'm working on to hopefully create a longer, more complete MLP game in the future. Anyways, enjoy!! Oh, and I realize there are no cutie marks! :(

Those will be for version 2.0 along with different manes/tails and with that the ability to play as the main cast. Also better/smoother animations.

There are quite a few bugs still! If (when) you encounter them, please let me know in the comments. Getting temporarily stuck in walls/rocks (especially when flying) is a pretty common one.

Also, I chose the Sonic 3 level tiles mostly because I already had those easily available. Meaning, It probably won't be like that if/when I ever make this into a full game.

In the future I plan on releasing the engine when it's more or less finished.

NOTE: this is the exact same version that is uploaded at dA. It was originally uploaded there in April 2011.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is (c) Hasbro, Inc.

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Even if I wasn't able to find all of the gems, I still have fun just flying around.

I'm not a brony but I remember playing this with my friend and we thought it was so funny how it used sonic sprites XD but for the Three times I played this game I can only find 9/10 gems "WHERE IS THAT LAST DAMN CHAOS EMERALD?"

I'm not a brony, I don't enjoy mlp, yet I thought the game was ok. Now that I mention it, I forgot how I came here in the first place.

Nice game

So this was a nice game I like all the sprites some good sprites infact there was alot of good ones but overall this had some decent gameplay I like the style here and it was a decent game here you should ad enemies and monsters but overall a good game

Some things to fight would be nice


I admit this game was pretty good. What I didn't like was how it reused so many Sonic sprites. I just wanted something more authentic. Well, those fanbases are quite similar. The music was great! It's good that I'm reviewing this stuff right as the MLP movie came out.

This is harder than you'd expect. I did want more of a standard platformer. You know, with enemies and stuff. This was still pretty nice. I like how you can customize your pony.