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Fat Bob lying in his bed reading Superman comic, he is admiring the cool figure of his favorite hero. He wants to be cool like him, but he is so fat and he is so depressed. The miracle happen, Superman came out of the comic, he came to help Bob. He told the only way to make his dream come true is... RUN!!



nice concept, run for the diet program:P...very nice graphic...good job:D

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Um...Okay, then

It's definitely an odd game, but I like it. I really like the art style in this. The music fits well, and the sounds do as well. The gameplay is simple, but entertaining enough. Sheesh, he can run pretty fast and jump pretty high for a fat guy!

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Very neat

What I enjoyed:

-The beginning comic book-style animation was very nice, well-paced, and a great intro to this game

-The music was very nice and not annoying (I enjoyed Banjo Kazooie as a wee one)

-I was wondering if it would get more challenging via more obstacles (like rocks, bigger gaps to jump, etc) and didn't anticipate it would get so much faster, but I really enjoyed this as I love to challenge my hand-eye coordination. Definitely quite a challenge the further you get!

-Beautifully drawn background, effects, etc. Easy on the eyes and enjoyable.

Things that could improve:

- Does become a little bit repetitive, but as it picks up pace, it does get more difficult. It would be cool if there were stages and each one presented different obstacles.

- When it does begin getting super-fast as the guy loses weight, it can become extremely difficult to see anything and can make the viewer dizzy - not completely bad though, as it does add some challenge to it.

Overall I like this concept and I think you did a great job. It'd be cool to see more like this, or other variations!

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This is really good!

I think I was grinning the entire time, from when the comic-story thing started, to when I ran into a cactus and lost. Fat dude running really fast. You did this well too; the music choice was kind of a nice pick, the art style was creative and stylistic, and I loved the various effects such as the rain and thunder. This is actually hilarious because the music light and majestic, and it's being played alongside a very fat man running at speeds that rival Sonic the Hedgehog. This game reminds me of Canabalt, and I like it. Excellent job! WOOP WOOP

Now, I WOULD like it if there were some animations, or something, for when you lost, instead of it just cutting to a screen that said "You lose, here is your score". That's pretty much all it's missing. You did this right; have an internet.

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Great game, played it for about half an hour until I stopped. Gamplay was simple and intertaining, the way most games should be. Graphics also simple, not great, but not bad. Music was funny as hell for a game of this nature, well actually the game's character. WOOPWOOP got very annnoying after a while. Not a great, but certainly up there.
P.S: People work up to the 1500km mark for a very ammusing supprise. Those that have reached it, don't say what it is.

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3.16 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2011
11:00 PM EST
Skill - Other
  • Daily 5th Place November 22, 2011