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Sonic Bubble Trubble

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Well, this is my first Newgrounds upload, all my stuff can be found on my youtube here:


P.S. I'm already one of the animators of Sonic Paradox and this was just a sampling of my work. Thanks for the Daily First! I'm not sure what that means, but I'll go with it!

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Actually in Sonic Colours after you run out of air you still live for a few secs.


...it only happens when you run along and then start running out of air.If you were to stand there in Labrynth zone in STH,it would not take long for an air bubble to come.


i saw this on youtube my fav part is the look on his face

Now, this took me back...

I hated waiting for those damn air bubbles.
This should go straight to the gallery, as it fits in perfect with the sonic mishaps collab's :D


You gotta do more Sonic vids, the last part made me lmao. The animation was solid, the voice acting excellent and the sound effects and design of Labyrinth Zone alonge with music were fantastic and evident of hours (if not days and days) of hard work.