I can't fap to this...

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Inspired by the notorious YouTube comment.

Full title: I find this difficult to masturbate to...
(doesn't fit in Newgrounds' title limit)

Based on this comic drawn with some friends: http://bit.ly/rCcun4


Meow meow meow

Wow, that was a pretty bizarre submission, even by you. I think it might be the first really good submission I've seen that existed on an infinite loop that wasn't a music video. Were you just not able to make it normal this time? Whatever the cause, the artwork is just fantastic is this. I especially love the way the cat just meows over and over while he's dancing. No wonder videos that like are popular on the Internet.

It got its funniest probably when he mentioned putting on the duck suit. Yes, we all have our sick fetishes. The coloring, while gray, was interesting as it set a sort of old tone. It's weird for something older to have the Internet on it. The voices are nicely synched and I also liked how you really didn't know what was going to come next.

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Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks ericho. surely we don't ALL have our sick fetishes.

If nyan cat can be a meme...

surely that cat video can itself become a super meme.

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Put this suit on! (points to soiled duck costume)

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Average Newgrounds user

I DIDN'T find THIS to difficult to masturbate to.

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Sexual-Lobster responds:

this pleases me.

I found the loop pretty much pointless

Your other works which involve music turn out to be very effective when looped. I guess it isn't such a good idea to loop this one. On the content, I liked it because you kept to your usual way of making disturbing yet hilarious works. I don't see why people say it's lacking...what more is there to add? It pretty much sums up the "I find this hard to masturbate to" to those who haven't encountered it, and as for those who have encountered it (such as myself), this flash gave me a new way in seeing those weird comments and the people that make them. Not your best, but still very good.

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Nov 20, 2011
7:17 PM EST
Comedy - Original