VG Cats Animated 5

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This took a while to do and I'm not convinced that it's my best work. I hope I can get some brownie points for cuteness at least.

If you guys see anything I did wrong or could've done differently, feel free to tell me in the comments.

Original Comic: http://www.vgcats.com/com ics/?strip_id=201

Update: Wow! Thanks for the front page guys! Currently working on VG Cats 6 (my second to last installment). I'll upload the christmas special "The Perfect Gift" this friday or saturday.

I find it ironic that I was hoping for brownie points, but instead I get brony points /)^3^(\

Also there is a couple of hidden things near the beginning. Can you find them?


Cute :)

I like it, it's cute and the voices work quite well with it :) Also, I gotta love "Avast Fluttershy's Ass" at the end :D

Pretty average.

It had a lot of potential, there could have been plenty of video game characters as kids that would have supplemented your joke, for example Link being unable to answer the HK-47's question, or Drake overanalyzing his homework and linking it to various conspiracies hiding ancient treasure. It was too short, and could have used some more work. Decent though.

Also, is that blue cat voiced by that guy from the escape games where you play some maid and it turns out there's some drug that makes you immortal? It sounds just like him!

Funny Awesome stuff man

I like how you made S.Snake act like that LOL. ( ! )


I don't Follow VG Cats, but that was Okay

I was rather confused by the random assortment of characters that were gathered in the classroom, they don't seem to have anything whatsoever in common. I'm assuming this is a normal occurrence in the comics since I seem to be the only one confused. Nothing really made me chuckle aside from the Metal Gear related stuff, but that's probably because I'm an MGS idiot. HK's ranting was amusing, but nothing special. And the Duke joke is old and boring, but I'm guessing this an old strip.

Voice actors did great, Omahdon always does good work. I don't understand why the actress for whats her face wasn't credited, unless the credits are to be believed, Omahdon did all the voices including her's. And like others said, the animation was simple and did it's job, which was all you were going for I'm sure.

Well, that was alright. Try picking better strips next time?

pretty kewl

You know ... I would have love to get an HK unit for teacher.

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Nov 20, 2011
12:53 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
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