Jurassic Island 2

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Survive 5 minutes of jurassic hell until help arrives! This time your field of vision is limited because of the darkness. Notice the prehistoric predators before they notice you!

* W,S,A,D: move
* Mouse: aim + shoot
* Mouse wheel/ 1,2,3: switch weapon
* R: reload
* E: drop weapon
* Space: pause game
* Q: toggle quality

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Oooh, its dark and ummm nevermind, do any of you guys hate the flying ones?

I remember the first Jurassic Island and found it challenging. I played it for a while and said it needed improvement. I now play this and unfortunately it hasn't improved much. I like the idea of fighting for your life against viscous prehistoric animals but not when the game is to difficult your no longer immersed in it. For one the dark. It's to difficult to fight your way through because of this. While it adds tension and gives a good atmosphere it's not for beginners. It should be available in a sort of hard-core-mode instead of regular. A main challenge I faced in both games was the health. While it's nice you gave us regenerative health in this one, The character gets badly damaged easily. Finding other things aside from weapons is crucial to survival. Add things like additional body armor, upgrades, or other things aside from weapons. Which brings me to the weapons part in fact. The weapons were good but a few were faulty. Like the amount of spread they give, and slash damage rockets would do not being included. More weapons should be involved. Next thing I would change would be the game-play. While this is a good game I'm not a fan of the style. It should be a bit more like Zombotron. A platformer that gives a whole lot more choices in where you want to go.

- Good theme
- Good graphics
- To challenging
- Not enough thought put into it

While Jurassic Island is a brand new idea in flash games it's not well thought out and very challenging. Some definite changes should be made into it.

M-i-c-h-a-e-l responds:

Thank you very much for the honest and very constructive criticism!!
My main goal in JI2 was not to make a completely new game but to fix the glitches from part 1 like the controls.

Well done!!!I liked it and found it very challenging,but not as good as the first one.By the way,can you answer me some little questions???
1.What dinosaurs do you encounter in this game???(Old Ones and New Ones)
2.Where you get the dino sounds???They're COOL!!!


for me personaly it was to hard because im not one for spinning my character around to much and in the dark that was the nly way you could see to survive. in my opinion maybe brighten up the background where the light isnt, i know its supposed to be dark but its to challenging for my liking. i dont mean make everything in range 100% visible but maybe just use a darker grey rather than a black if you can understand my stoner jabber im spouting off

not good

you should make it so you can use the arrows to move, for left handers

M-i-c-h-a-e-l responds:

Didn't think about it, thanks for pointing this out. In this case extra keys for reload ad the weapon drip would also be necessary.

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3.56 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2011
9:23 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun