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The Adventures of Bateman

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A game about a man named Bateman who resides in a town named Wantage in England. It's a true story of a day in his life told through the gaming medium. It is not yet complete but this is the first level. Please let me know if you do or don't like it and why? Thank you =]

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Loved the game!!

very good but at first i thought some one chopped off his dick but then it a dildo and also a boomerang but all in all it good but needs work

has potential

the mechanics are off a bit (jumping, landing, staying on platform) , if you throw the dildo off screen while walking off screen, the dildo dissapears from your inventory(or your pocket or whatever). Liked the perv. slapstik aspect. Artwork works. Animation could be smoother.

thrgriffin responds:

Thank you for your review, the animation was quite rushed especially towards the end, I have always been terrible at action script but I like to think I make up for it with plot... maybe. Thank you x

Has it ups and downs

Part of the reason why I didn't like this was probably for the same reasons I did like it. This game just has a very cheesy atmosphere to it. It gives off a good sense of camp. You know something is going to be goofy when it features a dildo being used as a boomerang. It's hard to say if it's really good or bad, because it can just go both ways, kind of like the boomerang! You seemed to be aware that this was a really goofy submission.

The coolest part was probably how so many things seem to stand out. There were just a ton of weird objects hanging around for no reason. It's fun to try to make sense of all this. The music does get a little annoying after awhile. It seems like you could do better if you spicened up on your animation skills a bit too.

thrgriffin responds:

Thanks for the review, goofy was definately somewhere in the region of where I was aiming, do you think a change of music style is in order or just a mute button maybe? I'm glad you liked the random items I will have to add more for the full game! Cheers x

I don't like it because...

It won't load.

Even after you fix that, don't come back until you've completed it.

thrgriffin responds:

I'm sorry it didn't load for you =[
I just wanted to see if the general theme would be acceptable (not blammable) before I invest more time in the finished game. I hope you will play it when I've finished. Thanks x