Choose Your Weapon 5

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The Virus Has Transformed! They set up their own servers too! This latest installment in the Choose Your Weapon series has many new features, but the goal is the same...seek out the internet virus and destroy it - using 60 different weapons :) You always carry 4 weapons. Two are melee, and two are projectile. Smash, burn, claw, bomb, or face palm them on their own turf.
Newgrounds players: I have read all of the comments from the previous Choose Your Weapons games, and listened to your input. Using that input I hope we made the best one yet. Thanks for the input, and keep it coming. Special thanks to Mindchamber for his gameplay ideas - even though he didn't want any credit :)
Hope you like it...



its so repetitive and boring, you cant tell what you can and can't stand or jump on either

I thought this series was dead.

This game was plain boring. Its the same as every other game in the series. Randomly running around mashing a button. Sorry, only three starts from me.

Pretty cool!

I love this series, and this one is the best of all!
Definately love the quick charge for the fierce attack.
Oh, and a few tips:
Chop Saw is the best fierce melee weapon till Thor's Hammer, Followed by Twin Blades.
The giant fat metal robot has a flame bot on the inside, so if you don't want to get annoyed by the flame bots appearing, you should finish it with the Chop Saw or any other non-flame related Fierce attack weapon. Especially Twin Blades after you get the freeze ray.
The freeze ray works like the Squirt Gun on the flame bots.
Against Cap'n Bane, engage in ranged combat with him. His guns does little damage, but his sword is ruthless.

You should make Viratron's realm a bit easier. And Survival either needs to have more medkits, not let you have the weapons you already have, or be easier. 10/10 for being the best in the series.

this series.... ohhh boy...

this series is not dead by now?!?!? amazing... the game was Meh.

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Getting there

Bosses just spam and since they are invulnerable ... just annoying

Still lagging behind in the art department improve graphics.
when swaping weapons need pause.
better music though this is a nice music plays in a loop.
Ai seems good untill you realize they are just programmed to attack and follow you.
repetitive. fierce attack mostly one hit so this is probally the only thing you will use compared to 10-11 hits it takes for quick

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3.32 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2011
5:31 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun