Choose Your Weapon 5

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The Virus Has Transformed! They set up their own servers too! This latest installment in the Choose Your Weapon series has many new features, but the goal is the same...seek out the internet virus and destroy it - using 60 different weapons :) You always carry 4 weapons. Two are melee, and two are projectile. Smash, burn, claw, bomb, or face palm them on their own turf.
Newgrounds players: I have read all of the comments from the previous Choose Your Weapons games, and listened to your input. Using that input I hope we made the best one yet. Thanks for the input, and keep it coming. Special thanks to Mindchamber for his gameplay ideas - even though he didn't want any credit :)
Hope you like it...


Buggy as hell

It was kind of easy but that's not a complaint... the real complaint is that sometimes enemies are stuck in place and I wouldn't be able to hit them... and on certain levels the enemies don't even spawn. The Zombie virus boss is a prime example. I kill the boss and the remaining enemies keep spawning until the I'm at 49/50... then the last enemy won't spawn... I quit the game after that...

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it's alright

too easy but other than that nothing new i ever seen

not all that great

this game wasn't that great because...: it was to damn easy i mean i was basically pressing one button for the whole game, the bosses werent a challenge at all, could you try to make getting weapons a little more trickier, i like challenges as you can see. the only reason i played this game till the end is because The music was awesome Especially the boss fights. hope to see improvements in the 6th one. try to add a difficulty option.

It was okay

This is a pretty decent game. But there are a few major flaws that I find very very annoying.

First is the melee attack of the weapons. In my opinion, the weak attacks are so weak, they're pathetic. The damage done was so negligible, there was no point in using them at all.

Then the range that you can use the melee weapons are too close to the enemy. Somehow the enemy always uses weak melee attacks, that deal a lot of damage in a short time. In comparison to the weak melee attacks we could use, it's like I'm using a ruler as my weak attacks, and they're using knives. Totally uncool.

Second, it's the height of the jump. It's really difficult to dodge an enemy's shot. Even if you jump, the height was not enough to entirely dodge the bullet. so the only way to dodge bullet is really go to a higher or lower ground, which is not always easy to go to.

Do I even have to mention the ridiculous height of the virus' jump?

Third is. Guys, do not attempt playing survival mode. It promised new weapons each minute, BUT! The weapons you get is on RANDOM. When I attempted playing it, I played it for nearly 20 minutes. I had only about slightly less than half of the total weapon. With a total of 60 weapons, I have about 30 or so weapons unlockable.

My 20 minutes plus playing it? I've only obtained ONE new weapon. I keep getting weapons I already have. Maybe luck is not on my side? But for the dice to be rolled 20 times, and I've got roughly 50% for each roll to get a new weapon. To only get 1, means there is a serious problem with the probability' formula.

And logically, with so many weapons to unlock... why randomize!? If you've already obtained 59, that 1 weapon left over will be a female dog to get. And that is a serious problem.

Basically if you want to play:
Don't waste your time on Weak Attacks
Don't play Survival.
Don't rely on melee.

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Reinventing the Wheel

There's a lot to love about this game. it has a radioactive monkey in a suit. That alone makes it worth anyone's time. Additionally, it has a big range of weapons for each attack (which reminds me of one of my favorite titles, Shank).

My main reservation was with the combat system. It's very innovative, which you deserve much credit for, but I feel it departs from the tried and tested model of a button for every attack (i.e. light and heavy buttons for melee and distance). Holding the attack buttons to access fierce attacks affected the pacing of fights negatively, in my opinion. This could just be my antiquated view of fighting game mechanics, but I think the fighting flows more fluidly with separate buttons for each attack. The attacks would probably be smoother and less repetitive if they followed a combo format. Finally, the game required me to be in a very specific positions at times, especially when jumping around. This mean that platforming and attacking felt a bit touch and go, which broke up the action a bit.

Otherwise, the game has a lot of variety and looks wonderful. Even with its issues I found it enjoyable to mess around with the different weapons. It needs some tweaks to make it feel smoother, but it has a lot of potential

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3.32 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2011
5:31 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun