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Pixelhate play information
They are big, they are rectangular and they are everywhere. Warm up the railguns of your Gaussian Blur class starfighter and save the world universe from the pixel menace.

Pixelhate controls
Use the mouse to move around, press the left mouse button to fire. Try to pickup the various powerups to gain awesome firepower.



this is one of those games you just keep on playing way too much time until you feel like you are going crazy

great voices sound creepy
and the music too
only complaint
too few bosses (yeah 3 cycled again and again)
and stages too
thats why im only giving 9

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Loved it

You get a 9/10 for two reasons. First, yeah fix the level 6 freeze. Second, this game would be so awesome if it was similiar to the game upgrade where every level the details of the environment where increased. Start out with generic backdrop but by the end you have a full solar system or detailed planet or something. Just a thought, for me it would add motivation to get to the next levels beyond just power ups and well getting to the next level which gets old.

SUPER'B, quite repetitive after a while, though.

I liked the concept, spaceships being destroyed literally pixel-by-pixel until...BOOM!
Although, at first I thought i was playing a game with an 'ending' actually, rather than an endless arcade-style high-score based game (atleast that's what it seems like now at level 14, when i've played basically the same stages like 3-4 times each, and i just left the game because there wasn't much more of a variety at this point (and it was rather easy to keep going because of the excess of long-lasting shield power-ups)).
P.S.: Also a pause button would be nice.

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Great game, lots of fun. The music and voices, pixels, action and 8-bit icons are all great. Only problem: the game froze at level 6, bringing my enjoyment to a jarring halt.

For anyone who collects too much firepower: instead of holding down the fire button, try fire and release, fire and release.

Good nostalgic feel to it

This game brings back a lot of old memories of shoots on the BBC Micro (Showing my age now). Puts in mind of what could have been made if those old machines had more power.
Pixle damage effects are a great touch, but the game does get a bit repetative after a while. Alternate firing patterns for the player via powerups would be nice, rather then just a straight line up.
Overall, can't grumble. Kept me entertained and i'm going to have to find an Emulator for a few old games i'm now missing.

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Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2011
11:40 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight