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UPDATE 10/26/2011:

1. Fixed famost "Pig Farm' problem.
2. Added 3 levels of difficulty (now Normal is default, game is easier than was before)
3. Some other minor changes

Mouse to control units, arrows to scroll.

Game IS much like w3, so don't bother to report this.

New tower types are added on later missions.

Missions are damn hard, I know..but passable with correct choice and placing of towers.

Enjoy! :)


Not too good graphics, music or gameplay.

It looks like you put lots of work in this thou.

Wouldn't say it's good, wouldn't say it's bad either.
Just needs something to make it more exciting and interesting.

what is this?

i cant even click or anything why?


Great try but it fell short of the bar. It was too easy, all I had to do is walk my towers to the enemy start point and collect all the loot. And the game was entirely too slow. The upgrades where a nice touch differing from buying each unit as an upgrade. like as I said before good try 7/10.

Hmmm.. "ugh"?

Spend the 2 minutes it would take to proof read the opening dialogue, and fix it. Before I even started playing I already thought, "Well this is sloppy". I'm throw into the game without being given any explanation of the UI... no grace period to build anything... etc. If people WANT that level of challenge, they put the game on Hard/Insane/etc right from the get-go. I have friends that ONLY play games like that. Me? I'm a casual gamer. Give yourself a big pat on the back for completely alienating me in under 5 minutes and stripping me of any interest in something that I'm sure you spent many hours creating. Do casual gamers like myself, and you a designer a favor, and polish this mess you call a game. 5 stars because it's not a total piece of crap, visually speaking.

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4.05 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2011
4:52 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense