Modern WarFare 3 VS BF3

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This is NOT the FULL Version its a REedited half Version so please go to youtube.com/RickyJamesPiv otVids to see the full version and more funny videos. thanks :) heres the link to the real video http://youtu.be/sDue_0cmm XY so please watch both, Thanks :) P.S. the reason the quality is so bad is cause NewGrounds file limit is only 10.MB so i had to shrink and cut most of everything :/


Well gee i'm sorry you guys don't like it, i thought if there was like 1 live action video on newgrounds it be pretty cool,. but if you guys go on youtube and watch the Full version i'm sure it will make more sense.But thanks for being so nice though

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Not YouTube

It's not because we think it's lame, but it's because Newgrounds is a FLASH site. There aren't supposed to be live action videos.


this is worthless, not an animation , nothing to do here. sorry, I doubt youtube would welcome your sh*t either.

FoxxHoud68 responds:

Well this is just a Test video *ss, i made a way more Funny video on YouTube about Luigi it's called: "Why it Sucks to have WeeGee as a roommate" now that video is funny so if you actually take your time to watch that i'm sure you would laugh instead of hating

People are too focused on this being a video

And not enough are focused on how it is in no way funny or interesting.

FoxxHoud68 responds:

Well like i said if you go on my YouTube channel you could see the full video and more like "Why it Sucks to have WeeGee as a Rommate" video -__-

NG- The home of flash...

... not live-action...

Why here? Should be on Youtube.

If I seen this on Youtube, I'd probably give it a better score. It's definitely where it belongs. Real-action videos don't do very good when converted to and played in flash.

I'm sorry, I'd love to be able to give this a better score, but as other reviewers have said, it definitely doesn't belong here.

FoxxHoud68 responds:

Well thanks for being nice about it :D , and the only reason i put this video on NG is cause i thought it be cool to have a Live action video on NG, but i guess the NG community doesn't think so, but like i said if you go on my youtube you can see this in HQ and better edited also the full version And more!. so yeah...... even though this vid is pretty corny

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Nov 17, 2011
8:36 AM EST
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