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Problems of smoking

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Nov 17, 2011 | 7:21 AM EST

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yep. That's it.



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Are you saying smoking is bad for me?! Does the government know about that? I am so glad somebody was bold enough to enlighten me with this wisdom, because now I know and I will stop smoking immediately, thusly living forever, right?

(You can go ahead and flag this as abusive now.)

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kourel responds:

nah, I'm gonna leave your "review" up as a testament to the ultimate of text based sarcasm. Like I care what my score is, this is a school project. My choice of topics were this, cancers of the digestive system, or problems with donor organs. So yeah, sue me for picking an easy topic to research.


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Smoking saves lives

If I hadn't stopped and had a cigarette at work I would have killed more co-workers than I can count, though I agree smoking is bad for your health. Beyond that this could have been and automated slideshow and you could have devoted a bit more time on the quality factor.

kourel responds:

thanks, I am a total n00b with flash, I wanted to make it controlled with the keyboard because it's a school presentation, but I only know how to make the simplest of simple buttons. Not gonna ask about the work thing, I am assuming that it was a unique and unusual situation, similar to a person whose stomach had a hole in it but the hole was plugged up by a benign cancer (basically, smoking doesn't save lives, but it's certainly possible for a person's life to be saved because they were smoking at a particular moment)


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i am smoking while typing

this is not a game. save your anti-smoking propaganda for other sites. stay off newgrounds

kourel responds:

um, it makes even less sense as a movie. Those are the only two choices. I kind of have to wonder though, why do you think it propaganda? I researched from relatively reliable sources, and didn't exaggerate anything. And anyhow, it's a school project and uploaded because the computer I presented on didn't have flash. Why did you click on it, again?

...and calling my presentation propaganda does not count as a review lol


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Not a particularly good flash, but...

As someone who has never smoked a cigarette (And never will), I agree with the message. Of course, I'm not sure how the others will respond. I do believe, however. that people should have the freedom to choose whether they smoke or not. Once we as America illegalize smoking, we'll become a Fascist country. So, while the message is true, and I do agree with it, I don't think it'll hit home.

Also this is as good a time as ever to talk about the outright propaganda commercials on television. These anti-tobacco commercials take the truth and stretch it to unimaginable lengths. Why? Its a way to FORCE smokers to quit, without actually having to ban cigarettes. 9/10 all it really does is disgust them. I'm not saying this vid is propaganda, but I am saying there is a thin line.

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kourel responds:

ehh, I did relatively reliable research, and it's a school project. What can I say? I wasn't expecting to get any messages at all so I saw no problem. Clearly people are very defensive about this subject. I don't feel that it is propoganda, and I don't feel much of a connection between it and tv propoganda. I don't see smoking becoming illegal, and I really don't care either way, though I support not being able to do it in public places because there are health risks associated with second hand smoking (to what degree, I don't know).

...I actually had no idea this was such a sensitive subject though, judging by the above review ha ha.

Just realized I'll probably be trolled on for this but I can't bring myself to care.