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Kinect Rage

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A dysfunctional family must choose between lunch or the ultimate Xbox experience. It's a no brainier of course!
Yeah, this came about by seeing all those poor kids getting owned by there parents when they get to into there arm swinging games.
Got the help of rambojoe to animate and voice some parts too. Because I can't draw...DONE!


My thoughts of the current video.

Lol this is the new and improved family relationship therapy. "How does that make you feel little tommy?" "I, I, I'll tell ya Mr. Shrink sir, I just feel like I wanna hit my momma. "Smacks her bitch up!" Dad chimes in, "You can't do that ya little shit!" Kicks little tommy in his face! *slowmo* Sister beg for some, "I wanna be important too! Hit me!" Dad slaps her across the room, she has tears of joy in her eyes." Mom gets up and scream, "NOOO MORE LEFTOVERS!!!" Charges with a meat cleaver and a drumstick at the rest of them, they look at each other then together they jump into flying kick pose, still and cut scene. "Thaat's right, and it can be yours for only 49.99! - Gloves sold separately. Game is not intended to hurt anyone nor were any animals harmed in the making of this video... except the sister who is not important enough to be named.

rambojoe responds:

lol, It's a fight/exercise game in one.

excuse me oztnizdashit

fuck ps move its just a copy of the wii ... BITCH!!!


the mom part at the end made me almost go into a coma from laughing ahahahah funny shit

rambojoe responds:




A very good lesson...

about how horrible smoking is. It makes women sound like forty year old men. Also I believe this flash shows the new generation in console gaming. Where gaming and reality collide in an epic bloody free for all.

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rambojoe responds:

I work with a older smoker lady and holy cow it is awesome to behold the sound. hehehe...

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3.49 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2011
1:18 AM EST
Comedy - Original
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