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Kinect Rage

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A dysfunctional family must choose between lunch or the ultimate Xbox experience. It's a no brainier of course!
Yeah, this came about by seeing all those poor kids getting owned by there parents when they get to into there arm swinging games.
Got the help of rambojoe to animate and voice some parts too. Because I can't draw...DONE!

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5 years later, and your animation/voice acting still causes me to fall out of may chair.
God I love you guys.

rambojoe responds:

Hey, thank for showing love for our old crusty toon means a lot :)

Moms are overpowered.

rambojoe responds:

Yeah, she needs to be nerfed...

This game should be real but it would play like how you would play DBZ kinect

So this was entertaining

A decent opening scene you have here, a good start to a decent submission, allthough it could have some improved elements but for waht it is you have impressed this viewer, so keep up the decent work, and ill be an instant fan, OK so this was a nifty little toon you have here, good characters some nice animation, but really some real nice "CAMERA-SHOTS" too going from top and side shots that was a nifty thing you did there and is always nice to see that as not alot of flashes take that type of effort and such, so nice effort there, i did think it could have been abit longer though and maybe adding some "SUBTITLES" would be a great plus, but anyways nice job here and nice effort most of all nice animation. So i have enjoyed your work here today and hope to see more of it in the comming future, if you keep making stuff like this and keep improving on stuff i will ofcourse be right there to enjoy it aswell, so nice effort you have here.

And this tends to be a good part of my review because this is where i get to help in some areas maybe not but maybe there will be some idea that can help to make this submission slighty better and if not atleast i tried. The one thing i thought could be better with this one, might be to add some sort of subtitles, its not needed in some cases but maybe in this one just so you can know everything thats going on in the dial-log and all, and it makes it a better overall upgrade. also make it a tad longer maybe more story aswell.

rambojoe responds:

Yeah, the flash was a little to short that's for sure, wish rambojoe had more time to have worked on it. But we had to do this project in less than a week(for lame reasons). So it left a lot of other ideas out to dry. SUBTITLES! well if people knew half the things I said in this flash I would be in deep trouble.JK.

thanks for the review :D

i was watching this while i was playing street fighter 4.... PERFECT!

rambojoe responds:

Yeah, Sweet!