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rated 3.75 / 5 stars
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Nov 16, 2011 | 4:38 PM EST

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The deadly piranha is back and hungrier than ever! This time around you must complete objectives such as eating certain targets or more challenging combinations. Complete all objectives to get to the top of the food chain.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not as good as part one

I've played the first one and really liked it a lot. But this one is bad. If you don't kill the two guys in level one they start swimming through the island! Too slowly, obviously, for I waited on the other side, only to see them coming at time out.

The problem with the controls is the bouncy fish. Whatever I hit, I bounce meters away loosing control and time.

It doesn't seem to lag as much as part one, which is on the plus side.

Oh, well! 2/6


Rated 1 / 5 stars

controls suck

the game seems fun but the controls are too horrible to play for more than 3 minutes without feeling the urge to smash the computer to bits.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

A good sequel

It was fun, but a bit annoying at parts. Eating fish was usually all but impossible as you can literally swim over them a dozen times and not draw blood. Even worse, the alligator (or shark I suppose) can still eat you after you've killed it. Getting eaten by something you've already killed isn't very pleasant, unless it's a zombie...well, getting eaten at all isn't pleasant, but at least a zombie has a reason to be able to kill you after death.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Better than First, but room for improvement


* wasn't laggy (first game was pretty laggy, this one wasn't)

* entertaining; it's fun eating people and hearing them panic (biggest part of the score right here)


* Should have been sandbox/freeform play, letting player pause to upgrade as needed, and just make fish counts and such achievements to unlock upgrades or whatever. Wasting time hunting down small fish to meet quotas or unique objects while fighting a time limit was annoying, and detracted from the entertainment. I'm pissing away time hunting down groups of fish when I could be eating that yachtful of tourists. There's something wrong with that priority, but that's what the game had me doing most of the time.

* Some of the upgrades seem redundant / pointless (?) EG: fins go faster ... and tail goes faster, too? Upgrading speed too much makes your turn radius so horrendously big that you'll have a difficult time nailing fish unless you swim way far away from them.

* Everything clips through the scenery, but you. WTF?

* The "Tip" pictures didn't match up the tip text most of the time

* Never once saw a shark

* Seedlings die easily later on as gators and motorboat engines fly around...seems like a waste of 1.5L of blood/each. But, they do eat fast.

* Jumping out of water was hard to control, and slow-mo prolonged the annoyance of misses or bouncing off land

* Turning the fish was difficult at times, and often she would freeze up.

* some objectives were a bit random ... sometimes you wouldn't find enough boats to destroy

I like the overall improvement in the game. I wish there was more to it, though. Like, instead of giving objectives to eat X fish and destroy X boats, make it where you go to a different map each time while migrating up-river. Each map would be a different objective, like porking up on local wild life stupid enough to cross the river, wiping out a group of lake vacationers, fighting a crocodile in the lake (eat his tail / avoid his mouth), battling the town sherrif as he tries to destroy you when you become too big (cliche horror movie trope right there), trying to eat as fast as you can while a rival pirahna is scarfing locals down, etc, etc... There's so many horror movie cliches you could exploit in episodic fashion as goals in a game like this. As the game progressed, the civilians could start arming themselves, shooting you, so you'd have to eat fast then flee to regain your health and let the heat die down ... and then you surprise them again with another attack. It could have upped the ante.

I intend this as constructive feedback, not assholish criticism, so I hope you don't think I'm being a dick. I really do like this game, and spent quite a bit of time playing it.

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Rated 1 / 5 stars

same issue

I reviewed the first game, and here we are with the second.
the control is still almost impossible, perhaps even worse.
I am disappoint, didn't play past the first level, but I really like the art and the fact that you continued the game.
+1 graphics, +1 productivity