The Knights of Twistalia

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This is a movie I call "The Knights of Twistalia".

Please excuse the voice-acting, I'm not an actor, but I tried my best... I voice the swordsman and the Dark Wizard, my friend deadlycheese123 voiced the the archer, my other friend, Dudeman3003, voiced the guard, the dragon, and the king (this is his first time voice-acting for anything, ever, so please give him a break), and my great friend anjidu voices the princess. She's really the only good actor out of all of us.



The animation was pretty good. The only thing I think would have made the wizard's death better is if he grabbed his chest, like if he was having a heart attack or something. Either way, this mini-movie made me laugh. :D

Twisted4000 responds:

Thanks for the comment, and actually, that's EXACTLY what I wanted to happen!! But my friend said it would be funnier of he just died... lol... oh well.


Big tits ANNNDDD a black guy!!!

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Twisted4000 responds:

That comment made me laugh so hard, I'm glad you liked it, lol.

what cheese would you like, ched or moz?

it was funny in a really cheesey way, i believe that's the intention (growing a beard at mach 8 much?) the animations were smooth and well done, the plot... ok it's ment too be a comedy so of course everything is over the top, and the voice acting, know what, was pretty damn good for a first go

now for things that can be improved, the music really over shadowed the voices, when it got loud i could barely understand what they were saying, and from what i saw that's really the only thing i can think of, art animation and voice acting is generally improved over time, so just try and balance the volume a bit more and it would be better

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... I liked it

.... I can totally understand the problems with voice acting, but I think it was a good short 'toon, animation wasn't too shabby and it was kinda fun to watch, 5/5 9/10

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In short, I really liked it.

From your author comments, you made your movei sound not all that great. Thank goodness you're overly modest.

Animation: Very smooth. When I first saw your loading screen, I was reminded of many other flashes that have bubbly cartoony characters, and I assumed you'd have limited animation. I was pleasently surprised when I saw how clean and transitional the animation was. The fight scene was very well paced, and the expressions on the characters were cute.

Sound: You're voice acting was great. Stop being modest. I especially liked the serious message conveyed by your characters, and how contrasting your dialog was. It seemed like you were going for a badass yet childishly eager feeling, which somehow worked, and I really enjoyed it. Nice choice of sound effects and music, each were suited for their respective scenes.

Concept: I really wished you had made this a little bit longer. I liked the idea of two heroes goofing around while beating the crap out of people, but I felt like the wizard died too early (yes, I realize that's the joke) and I thought you could have made a castle infiltration scene, where they try to be stealthy, but blow their cover and then transition to the fight scene,

Overall: A great little movie, I like your style and I hope you make more movies for this story.

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Twisted4000 responds:

Thank you very much, but the reason I was being so modest was because my previous videos got very negative feedback in areas like the voice-acting, so I thought everyone was gonna hate it. I'm very, very glad you liked it!

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3.72 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2011
3:04 PM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 3rd Place November 17, 2011