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Urban Rally

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Full Gaz 5 Points

Pass level Full Gaz

Muddy Hills 10 Points

Pass level Muddy Hills

Black Rocks 25 Points

Pass level Black Rocks

Erosion 25 Points

Pass level Erosion

Jumping High 25 Points

Pass level Jumping High

Rasp Road 25 Points

Pass level Rasp Road

Mud Waves 50 Points

Pass level Mud Waves

Thorns 100 Points

Pass level Thorns

Author Comments

Take a rough ride driving a puzzled rasp road with dimmed lights. Although your vehicle is huge and resistable it may crash if you hit it too much! Grab the stars on your way which is rather tricky... You must complete the level to unlock the next one! Feel your first dangerous adventure and don't give up!

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At first I thought I will like this game, but after playing it a while I have to put some criticism about it:
1. The levels aren't loading smoothly. Especially when I have to replay the level I have to wait for a while for the level to reload. This also inflicts the loading of medals after completing a level.
2. Not so rarely this reloading causes some game error and after it occures I only see flickering buttons and a yellow screen (new version of BSOD ;-) ).
3. The music - initially good, after a while gets somewhat boring or at least repetetive, the loop is too short.
But probably the worst part is mechanics. Three things:
1. The location of checkpoints: sometimes they are placed in a way in which you don't have enough room to speed up enough to jump over further obstacles/pits.
2. The car behaves rather like a rock bouncer than a monster truck, it is veeery bouncy. C'mon! These vehicles are really heavy!
3. The physics: in many situations after I reached a certain speed I was also able to climb the hill, but in the same situation, I think the same speed I was just ramming into this hill like there was an invisible obstacle causing the car to stop/fall forward to its back. The movement of the truck is sometimes really a surprise. Also the acceleration is sometimes weird.
Not to be just critical: what I really like about this game is the graphics :-)

I think everyone is being too hard on this game. The music sounds fine to me and fitting to the game, although a mute button is always appreciated. The physics, although not the best I've experienced in a game, are okay and work just like in many other types of games like this. The game is pretty easy. The only real trouble I had came from the last level, where I failed many times to get over a specific gap. The terrain could have been made better and the background could have been switched out in different levels (every level looks the same). The controls are also not explained to people who have never played this type of game. All in all, it is an okay game, but the artwork and over-all challenge of the level needs work.

Terrible music with no mute button, awful physics, and incredibly bad level design.

Not that good in the first place but i have to take off a star for lack of a mute button in combo with the bad music.

Poor car physics and no mute button, also very basic controls

Credits & Info

2.94 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2011
10:25 AM EST