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Play the role of the unfortunate Firebug. Everything Firebug touches burns! Get to the end of each level before it completely burns away. Collect all the jellybeans for a bonus score and spend them on fine new hats and other game pimping content.

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the game is addicting thats why i played it was soo fun it was hard but i beat it still very good game :::::)))))


Firebug was fun for me! Very addictive. It's a simple platformer where you collect jellybeans. The major difference between this and other platformers is that you burn everything you touch. This makes it so you have to act fast before all your platforms burn down.

Challenging on some levels, but after a few tries you know what to do and it will become easy. Great time burner :P

great but...

in my opinion, the blocks burned a little too fast. i really did like the game but the speed that the blocks burned and fell at was a bit to fast

Cute Game

Oh why must the little firebug live such a lonely existence, If the author ever makes a sequel, he should make a tag team game, using several bugs, each with its own elemental properties, kind of like all those marvel super hero games with team play.

Great Fun!

I really liked this game, played all the way through and got all the Golden Jellybeans!
But there's one thing I noticed...

There isn't enough Golden Jellybeans to buy all the items in the shop, a little disappointing since i bought all the hats first.. and i wanted to try out the other worlds and skins.

Is there something that i'm missing, or is the game meant to be like that?

thepodge responds:

You need to replay some levels - you can keep earning the jelly beans! You can also increase your overall score by beating your previous level scores.