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Neonic Arena (Under Const

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Nov 14, 2011 | 4:43 PM EST

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Author Comments

It's incomplete....

Missing graphics, incomplete animation, No sound and No background....this is mainly to show my friends what i have been working on.



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Don't submit unfinished things.

It doesn't matter if you want to show your friends. Ask them over to see it. Don't submit unfinished things to Newgrounds. With a bit more work and time, you could've submitted the finished item, and we could ALL be impressed. Now, you've got people moanin at you because it's incomplete. And rightly so.

Now that this has passed, it'll forever be unfinished because you'll submit the finished item as a separate file, and probably never delete this one.

It's half finished, and will alway be unfinished, and that's not what Newgrounds is for. Don't get impatient like some little kid, and do half a job. Ask your mom to cook your dinner half way. How is it? Not as good as when it's completely done, right?

And before you say anything about me having no flashes, it's because I won't submit things til they're done. You don't see Happyharry or illwillpress submitting half finished things. Neither will I.

It's not bad, it's just not done. And it's so close!

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xNosh05x responds:

Oh im sorry when i get off work i will check to see if my friends are home...what they are working? Well let me look at when they have off.....aww shit its all the days i work on well fuck....i know i will upload it on NG that way they can look at it when ever they want. Woo its not finished kinda stated that in the description and even said it was for meh friends not Exedor...But i guess some how he stumbled on my flash. Last time i check though Ng Slogan was "Everything, by Everyone" guess how my flash doesn't fall in the same realm as anything. And i should also inform my parents that im show not "anyone." I also wonder how am i being impatient by sharing my progress to my friends? I guess im just some 23 year old dude sitting in his room getting hard-ons ever time i make a new keyframe. Geez you know what....i should just grab my comp and show my friends ^__^....but first i have to take a hr bus and walk around for about 5hrs. Then i need to call of work so i get my plane tickets so i can go to Arkansas and Cali so i can show them. Seeing as most of my friends aren't tech savvy and such. I could post it on another site like Deviant but i like NG. Oh and your example with my mom? It not like that. It like my mom was making a cake for some friends and ask them to taste the batter. AND I come in taste it and say see shouldn't let her friends taste something that is not done. I mean the cake isn't for me and the batter isn't for me but i guess i could add my 2cent cuz it NG right and it for everyone.....cept me =[. Also when i woke up this more i swear i that i was happy Harry, or Hyuun, or Egorapter, or illwillpress AND OMFG for a second i though i was you. But i guess im not. And these people telling me i should "take pride in my work" and such. I am very proud of this the designs are better so far, the animation is smoother. But i think it because ppl are taking my flash with is the equivalent of a wire frame (not even 5% of the work i need to do.) and compare it to people who been working on flash like pros ( I <3 Yotam). You know what i like? I like when people tell me that they think it needs work or that think its promising. People can moan all the fuck they want...People on NG are looking for fun anyway so they like like to rip on others. But dude you inspired me. -Puts right hand on chest- for this day forth i will no longer submit incomplete flash on an OPEN NETWORK to show MY FRIENDS what i have been working on. Because i don't want my friends to give me SUPPORT on this project because FLASH ISN'T HARD. And i don't have ANY OTHER HOBBIES OR A JOB OR NEED TO BATH. And Thanks to your awesome review for an 1 hr a day worked on flash wire frame not meant for you. I am now motivated to go to all the other people flash that are about 76 frames repeated and tell them how much of my time and other people time they are wasting. I will also find any animator who ending a cartoon with the phase "to be continued" and punch them in the dick! I hope the guy that did "dot dot dot" make a parody this. I dare not attempt to match up to a pro. So thank you Exedor. I am a little more wise for you.... Thank you for reviewing my half ass wire frame undone flash animation made some random not mainstream guy who is doing this in his spare time and just trying to have fun and is wonder why people are pissed that they wasted their time watching flash movies that say that they are incomplete and complaining that they are incomplete (cuz that make sense) -gasp to take deep breath- that why i love the internet its filled with people that have nothing to really do (including me)



Rated 2 / 5 stars


I think it looks like it will be great if you just improve some things. Over all, the animation looks pretty good, just add some tweeks to make it perfect. Also, you need to add sound. After that, I think it will be perfect.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Nice. can't wait to see it when its done.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

tell me

why woule they need a rocket launcher to take out one man, the reason they didnt get him yet was because they didnt have bullets


Rated 1 / 5 stars


Explaining in the comments how it's incomplete doesn't make something passable. Take some pride in your work and make it the absolute best it can be before sharing it.

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xNosh05x responds:

It so i so other people what im working on. Please read description before make comments.