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Guide your cursor trough the mazes!


Try Again

Way too easy to cheat, if you right click and hover above the button and click you instantly win the level hence you win the game just as easily. The graphics were horrid and you seem to have put no effort in this what so ever. Create something more complex with better graphics, background sound, and more levels.

one biiiiiiiig broblem

in the game u have to get the mouse to the red circle right, well, if u go off screen, then go back, in the game where the red circle is and u win the round,, the worse part about it was that i could do it in every round

Nice but....

It would've been nice for there to be some music while I played. It is drawn simply, but when the moving obstacles came in, it got much harder, so that's good. However, it would be better if you added some sort of prize or something to attract people to the game. Also, if you don't have a prize for each maze completed, you shouldn't make it so that a player has to go back to the beggining each time he/she fails. I hope this helps you for next time.

simple and great

maze game without screamin girl= win


Maze games are one of the easiest flash games to program, so if you're going to do one it needs to have more pizzazz. This was 5 frames of really easy mazes with no effort in graphics or design, and a laughable 'win' screen.

Try harder.

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1.49 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2011
1:23 PM EST
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