Bloom Defender

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Evil showdown 25 Points

Collect the last 2 gold medals in the secret level.

Guardian 25 Points

Save the Sunny Woods from its evil presence.

Honorable 50 Points

Collect at least 18 gold medals.

Protector 50 Points

Save the Snowy Woods from its evil presence.

Defender 100 Points

Save the Gloomy Woods from its evil presence.

Flawless 100 Points

Collect at least 36 gold medals.

Author Comments

Grow unique defensive trees along the paths leading to the Mother Tree to protect it from elemental spirits.

Be strategic and cast powerful spells to weaken the elemental spirits and affect their behavior.

You must purge them before they reach the Mother Tree!

Get the soundtrack here: http://bit.ly/txuMY5

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Frenchs love U guys

Thanks for the french translation ! It's so rare

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First impression when looking at the title (and waiting for it to load): "This is probably going to be a ripoff of Plants vs Zombies..."

*tutorial level opens*
"Wait, what?"

Pretty impressive (and refreshing) take on the tower defense genre. Good graphics and animation, and VERY VERY original.

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pwca6 is only writing bad reviews cuz he's mardy about not eing good enough ive just completed sunny woods and i found this game to be excellent a good take on the older game bloons but also adding in different types that can take different routes while also mixing in an aspect that the gamer can use rather than just sitting there waiting for the round to finish also with the type disadvantages well thought out good advantages i recommend your next game to maybe insert a water type with its weakness being ice as it stops the water entirely also the tree placement with each having its own abilities attack ranges and upgrades and advantages equals an amzing game please make another i have no doubt that if your next game is as good as this then you will get the weekly first prize the long and short of it is good job

I believe OrangeGiant put it best. (Two comments down). The game really is very unique and very enjoyable. Although I disagree with his criticism about making the levels less drawn out. That is one of the key reasons I enjoy this game so much actually. I mean in most Tower Defense games you spend so much time building up your defenses only for the level to end. With this one you get a lot of time in each level to build a very strong defense and actually get to enjoy it for a decent amount of time before the next level starts and you have to start from scratch.

All my five go to you. Which is very uncommon for me, but you earned it. Fantastic!

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Graphics are great, and the game is very addicting, well done! :D

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Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2011
9:31 AM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense