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Hi Newgrounds! Here is my latest offering, I hope you like it. It's the biggest project I've ever worked on, Miasma Story is a turnbased RPG, very much inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics. So I'm excited to finally get to release this one. Doing all the artwork as well as the programming is incredibly hard work! Who knew? The end product has three distinct characters, 18 Miasma abilities, you can upgrade the key attributes that affect how far the player can move, how much damage they can take, etc.

I hope you like it! Oh, and massive thanks to AgeOfGames.net who kindly sponsored this project, and made it possible. They're pretty great.

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I like this game but I have a problem..when do you take a break and heal? Like I fight about 5 battles and didnt get to take a break. Please answer this review

i cant even play it i would love to but every time i try it just tells me im defeated and then the try again thing comes up

This, truly, is one of the best, original ideas for an RPG I've seen in a good while. Combat was solid, sounds and music weren't bad, it had a gripping plotline, and I didn't encounter any glitches. There were, however, a couple of problems.


1) Combat was slow. I mean INCREDIBLY slow. It took nearly a minute per turn, and I'm not even lagging. Attacks take unnecesary amounts of time to finish their execution, and movement happens at a snail's pace. I would've enjoyed this game far more if it moved a little more fluidly, and faster.

2) Battles early on were much more difficult than necesary. Why? MP didn't recover between battles, neither did HP. Imagine how suprised I was when I entered the second battle confident, and never checked my HP or MP, and by the third battle I nearly died in two turns. That wasn't a very appealing aspect of the game, and hurt your score.

3) MP attacks claimed to do more damage (Fire+ said it did more than fire), yet it virtually did exactly the same range of damage, unless against an enemy of an opposing element. There was no real difference between attacks, besides hit area, and unless they were used on a wraith of an opposing element.

4) Experience seems to be alloted very oddly. Marcus got most of the kills, yet earned the least experience no matter what. That seemed kind-of unfair. Maybe next time, experience can be alloted based on kills in the current battle?


1) There is a visible difference between stats and leveling up. Damage actually does improve with attack, and I love how movement goes up with agility. You did a wonderful job here. The only problem is that the Miasma stat seems to be totally useless. It had no effect on total MP, and did absolutely nothing towards Miasma power strength.

2) The story was done incredibly well. At first, I seriously wanted to quit this game purely because of how slowly battles and cutscenes progressed, but you kept me playing with the sotryline. It has incredible potential.

3) Music and sounds weren't bad. Pretty catchy tune, actually. Good job here.

4) Although enemies had very little going for them in terms of diversity, I loved how they got proportionally stronger as you progressed through the story. You did great here, just add more diverse foes in the next game.

5) Graphics weren't bad, and attacks weren't UNappeasing to see, just rather... slow.

Massive potential!!!

You need to make another game like this. The story is original, and more importantly well paced!!!(which is hard to find these days.)
But, you need to find an artist. Which isnt hard because I know for a fact that there are plenty of artists who would love to work on something like this.
That would also give you more time to fine tune the programming (prettier menus, smoother battles, less bugs, etcetc)
And personally I think you should update the soundtrack to something a little more modern, the whole rpg orchestra has been way too overplayed. Time to evolve ya know?

Okay game, should be better.
Rooting for ya!

DizzyDoo responds:

Super encouraging. Thanks for your support and criticisms!

Alright....could be better.

The plot of "Miasma" Is a very clever and creative way of thinking, your ideas are in the right place for a unique and decent story, however, very, very basic and buggy animation kind of ruined the game for me, the dynamics don't exactly seem too thought out, fix some bugs (like attacking an empty square, and missing?) and moving your action cursor. ("Cancel" was right on the monster I wanted to hit with Jon.) And overall make the game a slight hair sleeker and you'd have an earth shattering game.

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3.52 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2011
3:55 AM EST
Adventure - RPG